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Grade Summary

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I’m taking a look at the NGC
Price Guide, NGC Census, Auction Prices Realized, and NGC Registry
Scores for every grade. This is a great way to get a quick overview
of what’s out there. The NGC Price Guide shows what each grade is
worth, the Census gives me the number of coins graded, Auction
Prices Realized lets me know what people have spent on coins, and
the NGC Registry Scores give me a gauge of rarity. This information
is a valuable tool for any coin collector.

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There was no data found for this Coin.

Description & Analysis

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Additional Reading

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Price Guide

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I clicked on a price to get a glimpse of the
past. I was able to view historical prices and compare them to the
present. I also noticed patterns and trends in the data that helped
me make sense of the situation. It was interesting to see how
prices have changed over time and to recognize how the past can
influence the present.

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Last updated

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NGC Price and Value Guides
Disclaimer >

NGC US Coin Price Guide >

There was no data found for this Coin.

I understand that the NGC Price and Value Guides list
prices that are based on averages from a few different sources in
the coin collecting world. Due to the fluctuating nature of the
market, these prices can be outdated and don’t always accurately
represent the current value of coins. It’s important to do your own
research and talk to experts when making a coin transaction. NGC
can’t be held responsible for any losses or damages caused by
relying on information from the Guides. I agree to use the Guides
at my own risk.


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NGC Grade Summary

  • Total Graded:
  • Low Grade:
  • Average Grade:
  • High Grade:

NGC Census

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“Grade_”, census))

NGC US Coin Census >

There is no Census data for this coin.

NGC Registry

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NGC Registry

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Competitive Registry Sets

::sets.Name number

There are no Registry sets for this coin. If you
would like to request a Registry set please
email registry@ngccoin.com.

Frequently asked questions

How much is a one dollar coin worth?

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A one dollar coin is worth one dollar.

Are one dollar coins rare?

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No, one dollar coins are not rare and can be
easily found in circulation.

What are one dollar coins made of?

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Most one dollar coins are made of cupronickel, a
mixture of copper and nickel.

What do you think about the above information
say how much is a one dollar coin worth, please leave your comment
on this article.