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Previous Close 27,238.39
Open 27,238.39
Day’s Range 27,124.96 – 27,315.33
52 Week Range 15,599.05 – 31,693.29
Start Date 2010-07-13
Algorithm N/A
Market Cap 528.827B
Circulating Supply 19.39M
Max Supply N/A
Volume 9,182,878,720
Volume (24hr) 9.18B
Volume (24hr) All

Frequently asked questions

How much is a Bitcoin?

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A Bitcoin (BTC) currently has a market price of
around $10,000 USD as of February 2021.

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What affects the price of Bitcoin?

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The price of Bitcoin is determined by its supply
and demand. Factors that influence demand include news about the
digital currency, government regulations, and the adoption of
Bitcoin by mainstream companies.

Can the price of Bitcoin go up or down?

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Yes, the price of Bitcoin can go up or down
depending on the market conditions. Bitcoin is a volatile asset and
its price can change rapidly due to market news, government
regulations, and other factors.

What is the maximum amount of Bitcoin?

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The maximum amount of Bitcoin that can be
created is 21 million. This number is expected to be reached
sometime in the year 2140.

Where can I buy Bitcoin?

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You can buy Bitcoin from a variety of online
exchanges and through peer-to-peer transactions. It is important to
do your research and make sure you are buying from a reputable

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