How Much Is A 50 Cent Coin Worth? (Value Guide)

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Last Updated on March 29, 2022

I’m a big fan of collecting silver coins. First
and foremost, I’m attracted to the fact that it’s not too costly to
build a full collection. When I say “type set,” I’m referring to a
collection that has one example of each of the major half dollar
coins. It’s a great way to get started in the hobby!

I’ve got a fifty cent piece in my pocket – and
it’s a hefty one! It’s kind of rare to carry these around nowadays,
but it’s not impossible to find them. All Kennedy half dollars from
1971 and later are worth exactly what they say – fifty cents. No
need to break out the microscope to see what it is, because it’s a
solid coin that feels good in your hand.


  • how much is a 50 cent coin worth?
  • Are round 50 cent coins legal tender?
  • Are 50 cent coins rare?
  • Are any Australian 50 cent coins valuable?
  • Are 50 cent coins still made?
  • What are the rarest silver 50 cent coins?
  • How much silver is in an old half dollar?

how much is a 50 cent coin worth?

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I’ve come across plenty of 50-cent coins with a
certain stamp, and their value can really range – anywhere from $20
to $800. It all depends on the condition of the coin. A pristine
one could be worth a lot more than one that’s been around for a
while. It’s worth keeping an eye out for these coins, as they could
be worth some serious money.

I’m a coin collector and I’m always on the hunt
for the rarest, most valuable coins. Right now, I’m looking at 1995
half dollars. The ones in uncirculated condition are worth around
$3 each, and the 1995 S proof half dollar is worth $16 if you can
find it in PR 65 mint state. I’m also keeping an eye out for the
2000 50 cent coins, which can be worth between $20-30 in good

Are round 50 cent coins legal tender?

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When it comes to legal tender, I’m only allowed
to pay with coins up to $5. Anything more than that and I need to
break out the bills. Anything between 5 cents, 10 cents, 20 cents,
and 50 cents are all considered to be worth $5 according to the
Currency Act 1965. Anything above that and I’m stuck with

Are 50 cent coins rare?

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I’m a huge fan of collecting half dollar coins.
They’re rare to find in circulation these days, but not impossible.
All Kennedy half dollars produced after 1971 are only worth 50
cents, but those before that are considered to be ‘junk’ coins.
Collecting these coins can be super fun, and, depending on the
coin’s condition, you can make some decent money off them. It’s a
great hobby to get into, and you never know what you’ll find!

Are any Australian 50 cent coins

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I’m always on the lookout for valuable coins,
and luckily I’ve got a few tips and tricks up my sleeve. If I’m
looking to invest in some uncirculated 50 cent coins, then 1969,
1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1985, 1993, and 1997 are the ones I’m
looking out for. These coins are all worth more than any of the
commemorative 50 cent coins. For example, a 1969 50 cent coin would
be worth $25, a 1971 coin would be worth $55, and a 1997 coin would
be worth $30. So if I’m looking to make a profitable investment,
then these are definitely the coins I’m reaching for.

Are 50 cent coins still made?

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I’m still able to find half dollars, but not as
easily as before. Back in the day, JFK 50 cent pieces were made
with silver. However, Congress changed that, and in 1970, they
switched to a combination of copper and nickel. That’s why they’re
not as common anymore.

What are the rarest silver 50 cent

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I’m always on the hunt for the rarest coins, and
the 1873-S half dollar without arrows takes the cake. It’s so hard
to come by that it’s almost like it doesn’t exist. Unless you count
the overdates, proofs, and odd varieties, the 1873-S without arrows
is the rarest half dollar coin out there. Unfortunately, there’s
not much of a chance of finding these coins in any large
quantities. They just don’t seem to have survived.

I’m a collector of coins, and I’m always on the
lookout for the rarest ones. The 1796 and 1797 halves are extremely
hard to come by, with only a few hundred of each produced each
year. And the Seated Liberty Half Dollar, minted between 1878 and
1890, is even more difficult to find. Each coin is unique, so it’s
best to look at each one on its own, rather than its monetary

How much silver is in an old half

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I’m trying to figure out how much my half-dollar
silver coin is worth. After doing some research, I learned that the
silver content of coins minted with a face value of 50 cents after
1891 is useful to know. It’s not an exact answer, but it’s a
helpful start. I’m also looking into the coin’s condition, history,
and rarity to get an idea of its value. It’s tough to pin down an
exact worth, but I’m confident that I can get a good estimate.

I’ve been collecting coins since 1892, when the
quarter first came out. It’s made from .361 ounces of pure silver,
so to figure out its melt value, I just have to divide the price of
silver per ounce by .361. That gives me the melt value of a half

I’ve seen coins that have been circulated so
much that their worth in silver is less than what it would be if
melted down. But there are also coins that, due to their year and
mint mark, are in great condition and are very rare. These coins
are worth more due to their collector value than their silver

I’m an avid coin collector, so I know a thing or
two about older half dollars. To be honest, most of these coins you
can find stashed away in someone’s dresser are probably only worth
their silver value. Keep in mind, too, that the JFK half dollars
from 1965 to 1970 aren’t made up of 90% silver. Instead, they
contain a mere 40%.

Frequently asked questions

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What is the worth of a 50 cent coin?

A 50 cent coin is worth 50 cents.

Is a 50 cent coin valuable?

The relative value of a 50 cent coin is
dependent on its age, condition, and rarity. Generally speaking, 50
cent coins are not particularly valuable.

What is the monetary value of a 50 cent

The monetary value of a 50 cent coin is 50

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