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Frequently asked questions

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Video Description

Flip a Coin. Gambling is a slippery slope. Watch
as these siblings flip a coin for the chance of

What is Google flip a coin?

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Google Flip a Coin is a virtual coin-flipping
game that allows you to make a decision quickly and randomly.

How do I use Google Flip a Coin?

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To use Google Flip a Coin, simply type “flip a
coin” into the Google search box and press enter. You will be
presented with a virtual coin that you can flip by clicking on

How many times can I flip the coin?

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You can flip the coin as many times as you like.
Each time you flip the coin, the result will be displayed on the

Is Google Flip a Coin really random?

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Yes, Google Flip a Coin is powered by a random
number generator to ensure that the outcome is truly random.

How does the outcome of Google Flip a Coin
affect my decisions?

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Google Flip a Coin is intended to help you make
quick decisions when you don’t know what to do. The outcome of the
coin flip does not necessarily affect what decision you should

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