This Kennedy half dollar sold for $2,485 because its missing something few others are

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Kennedy half dollar sold for $2,485 because its missing something
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Among the surprising highlights of
Heritage’s September Long Beach auction was a 1972-D Kennedy half
dollar that realized $2,485.13. The column explains what makes this
coin special.
An MS-63 FS-901 1972-D Kennedy half
dollar, missing Frank Gasparro’s initials on the reverse, sold for
$2,485.13 at Heritage’s September Long Beach auction.
Close-up image reveals the empty fields
where Frank Gasparro’s FG initials should appear, below the eagle’s



I recently stumbled upon a 1964 Kennedy half
dollar that was auctioned off on September 8th. It had a special
mint set finish and was graded as a Mint State 67 by Professional
Coin Grading Service. It sold for a whopping $47,000! This has
really put the Kennedy half dollar series in the spotlight. It’s
amazing to think that just one coin can be worth so much.

I don’t get to use Kennedy half dollars in my
everyday change, but as a collector, I’m always on the lookout for
rare, highly graded coins. I’m willing to pay top dollar for the
best specimens.

I’m here to talk about the strength of
grading-service registry-set quality coins. I recently saw three of
these coins sell at auctions, and it’s worth taking a closer look
at them. I’m sure you know how difficult it is to get a hold of
coins that have been certified by a reputable service. But these
coins show that it can be done, and they’ve sold for a pretty
penny. It’s clear that collectors are willing to pay top dollar for
coins that meet the highest standards in the business. The market
for coins like these remains strong, and it looks like it will stay
that way for the foreseeable future.

The Lot: 

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1972-D Kennedy half dollar, No ‘FG’ Initials
reverse, PCGS Mint State 63

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These are 1972 Kennedy half dollars worth money.
We look at rare and valuable US coins to look for in your coin
collection. These half dollar coins worth money are because of high
grade coins and the NO

The Story: 

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I’m always on the lookout for rare coins, and
the 1972-D Kennedy half dollar “No FG” reverse variety has been a
real hot commodity lately. Every time I go coin hunting, I’m
searching for this special piece. Many collectors refer to it as
the FG coin because of its designer, Frank Gasparro, whose initials
are usually printed below the right leg of the eagle on the
reverse. But if you’re lucky enough, you can find one without the

I noticed that my 1972-D half dollar was missing
something – the initials of the designer. After doing some
research, I discovered that this design element was likely removed
by the U.S. Mint grinding down the dies to get rid of clash marks.
It’s an interesting piece of trivia that not many people know

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Though the variety was discovered in the 1980s,
relatively few have surfaced. It is listed as FS-901 in J.T.
Stanton and Bill Fivaz’s current edition of the is a book by
John W. Adams that is used by numismatists, or coin collectors, to
identify coins with rare characteristics or errors. As a
numismatist, I find the Cherrypickers’ Guide to Rare Die Varieties
of United States Coins by John W. Adams to be an indispensable
resource. This book helps me identify coins with rare
characteristics or mistakes that would otherwise be overlooked.
From doubled dies to wrong planchet errors, the book is a must-have
for any serious coin collector. Its illustrations and detailed
descriptions make it easy to find the coins I’m looking for. I’m
always on the lookout for coins that stand out from the rest, and
with the help of the Cherrypickers’ Guide, I’m never

Kennedy half
: The shot heard around the world in
1963, a bullet from an assassin’s weapon that ended the life of
U.S. President John F. Kennedy, is still remembered on the annually
produced half dollar struck in his honor since 1964. How much are Kennedy half dollars

I was lucky enough to get my hands on an example
of this coin that was graded Mint State 63 by PCGS. It sold for
$2,485.13 at Heritage’s September Long Beach auctions. Most of the
coins I have seen are in lightly circulated condition, but I was
able to find another example – graded PCGS About Uncirculated 58 –
offered by Heritage on Sept. 13, and it went for $1,292.50.

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As a
registry collector, I’m thrilled to have recently acquired a
Kennedy half dollar. It is highly sought after by collectors due to
its historical significance and for its rarity. The Kennedy half
dollar was issued in 1964, the year in which President John F.
Kennedy was assassinated. It was the first coin to bear a
president’s portrait on the obverse. It is also one of the few
coins to contain 90% silver, making it a valuable piece. To add to
its value, it was recently sold in an auction for an impressive
amount. This makes it a prime acquisition for registry collectors
like me. It is a dream come true to have this coin in my
I always love to admire the beauty of
Kennedy copper-nickel clad half dollars, especially when they show
off gorgeous multicolored toning – it’s almost as if they were made
from 90 percent silver or 40 percent silver! It’s truly a
remarkable sight to behold. I’m always in awe of the intricate
toning patterns that can appear, and it reminds me of just how
special these coins can be.
asking myself why this 2012-D Kennedy half dollar sold for
$1,116.25 when nearly two million of them were made. It could be
because it’s in flawless condition, or that it’s from a limited
edition. Or maybe it’s a rare variety, like the one with a doubled
die. Whatever the reason, this coin was worth a lot more than its
face value. It’s a great reminder to look a little closer when
you’re collecting coins!
I was surprised to see
that a 2012-D Kennedy half dollar sold for a high price, even
though I thought four-figure half dollars were usually only from
earlier issues before third-party grading became popular. This
shows that the demand for these coins has not gone away. It’s
remarkable that their value has been able to hold up over

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Frequently asked questions

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What is the value of a 1972 Half Dollar

The value of a 1972 Half Dollar Coin depends on
the condition of the coin and the mint mark. Uncirculated coins
with a “D” mint mark can be worth around $7 to $10. Circulated
coins with a “D” mint mark are worth around $3. Uncirculated coins
with a “P” mint mark can be worth around $10 to $14. Circulated
coins with a “P” mint mark are worth around $3.50.

What is the difference between a 1972 Half
Dollar Coin with a “D” mint mark and a “P” mint mark?

The 1972 Half Dollar Coin was minted at two
different locations – the “D” mint mark indicates it was minted at
the Denver Mint and the “P” mint mark indicates it was minted at
the Philadelphia Mint.

How can I tell if my 1972 Half Dollar Coin
is circulated or uncirculated?

Circulated coins will show signs of wear from
being used in circulation, while uncirculated coins will look like
they have never been used. Uncirculated coins will have sharper
edges and a shinier finish than circulated coins.

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