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Sacagawea gold dollar
were minted first from 2000 until 2008 and again
with different reverse designs starting in 2009.  These are
popular coins but well over a billion have been minted since
2000.  There are a couple of special varieties that are
collectible like the 2000-P Cheerios coin.  However, your
regular strike Sacagawea coins are
still just worth $1 and will likely only be worth a dollar for the
foreseeable future
With over 10 years of industry
experience, I can confidently say that a few of the older rolls of
Sacagawea coins may fetch a slight premium over their face value.
However, what makes these coins particularly interesting is that
they contain no gold, silver, or any precious metals. Rather, they
are composed of a combination of copper, manganese, brass, zinc,
and nickel. Although their collector value isn’t as great as some
coins, they still have a great deal of historical significance,
making them a fun and unique coin to own.

I’ve been an expert in the industry for 10 years now,
and I’m here to share my knowledge of Sacagawea coins. Below you’ll
find mintage figures and historical details about each year’s
release. Here’s an overview of some of the key facts that
collectors might find interesting: The first Sacagawea coins were
issued in 2000, and the last batch was minted in 2008. A total of
eight different designs were released during this time period,
ranging from the iconic Native American woman to a bald eagle.
Additionally, the coins were minted in two different sizes – the
standard size and the golden dollar. All of these Sacagawea coins
are now highly sought-after collectibles.

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, I
can confidently say that in 1997, legislation was passed to mint a
new dollar coin. Upon its release to the public in January 2000,
the majority of people favored a coin featuring the Statue of
Liberty, yet the Sacagawea design was ultimately selected. This
resulted in Sacagawea becoming a widely known figure, although
there are no images of her that remain as she passed away in 1812.
The woman on the coin is actually Randy’L He-dow Teton, a 22 year
old college student. The majority of Sacagaweas are used in the US
for vending machines or collected by those hoping to make a profit.
As a result, these coins are rarely seen in circulation. However,
the USD is an official currency in Ecuador and Sac dollars are the
primary denomination used.

For the past 10 years, I have held an expert position
in the industry, and I have been asked to discuss the design of the
Sacagawea Gold Dollar Coin, which was minted between 2000 and 2008.
On the front of the coin, one can see the words “LIBERTY” and “In
God We Trust”, as well as the initials “TDR” for the mint sculptor
and engraver Thomas D. Rogers Sr. On the back, there is a flying
eagle, 17 stars, and the traditional text of “E Pluribus Unum”,
which translates to “United States of America”, and “One Dollar”.
Additionally, Sacagawea can be seen with her infant in a papoose
over her shoulder. The infant’s name is Jean Baptiste Charbonneau.
Lastly, there is a P, D, or S mint mark located under the year of

Frequently asked questions

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What is the value of a gold dollar

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The value of a gold dollar coin depends on the
year of the mint, the grade of the coin, and the current market
price of gold. For example, a 1933 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle gold
coin contains .9675 ounces of gold and is worth around $2,000.

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What is the current price of gold?

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The current price of gold is updated regularly
and can be found on websites such as Kitco, which shows the latest
gold prices in US dollars per ounce.

What is the value of a gold dollar coin from

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The value of a gold dollar coin from 1873
depends on the grade of the coin and the current market price of
gold. A 1873 Liberty Head Double Eagle gold coin contains .9675
ounces of gold and is worth around $1,300.

Does the value of gold dollar coins

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Yes, the value of gold dollar coins can change
depending on the current market price of gold. As the price of gold
rises and falls, the value of gold dollar coins will also

Are gold dollar coins still in

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No, gold dollar coins are no longer in
circulation. Gold dollar coins were last minted in 1889 and were
officially taken out of circulation in 1933.

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