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Buy from Us

I’m at Rocky Mountain Coin and I’m here to pay the
highest prices for your coins, currency, jewelry, and gold, silver,
and platinum bullion. If you’re curious and wondering if I buy
whatever it is you have, this page has some of the information you

What We Buy


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We look at thousands of coins every week, and
purchase most rare coins. We will look at any coins you think may
be valuable. We generally do not buy non-silver or gold coins
minted after 1950, with the exception of proof sets and major error
coins. To save you the time and expense of visiting one of our
stores with items that may be old but not rare or valuable, we
suggest to obtain the current guidebook of US Coin values which is
available on or at our store. At Rocky Mountain
Coin we want you to be assured, that you receive the best possible
and competitive price on items of interest. Your questions are
always welcome whether you’re in the store or on the phone. If
you’re not sure whether we may be interested in something you have,
do not hesitate to give us a call at (303) 777-4653.

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Video Description

These coin shop secrets can help you as you make
your silver stacking, coin collecting, and gold purchases.
Knowledge is power and in this video, Sherrie doesn’t hold back.
She answered each question I threw her way with candid honesty. Do
coin shop owners clean coins? Do they hold back certain items for
select customers? What’s it really like to own and run a coin shop?
Everyone’s favorite coin shop owner, Sherrie, answered all these
questions and more! As always, thanks for watching!nnWant to
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understand that although the conversation frequently touches on the
state of the economy and how it affects the accumulation of
precious metals (stacking), T the Silver Stacker is no way shape or
form a financial advisor. Glean what you will from the silver
stacking philosophy shared, but ultimately the viewer is
responsible for making their own decisions. Some of the links in
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Jewelry and Scrap Metal

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I am always on the lookout for gold jewelry and
diamonds that are one carat or larger. Additionally, I purchase
scrap gold and sterling silver, like the kind found in dental
crowns and fillings. Silverware is also something I am interested
in. If you have any of these items, let me know. I’d be happy to
take them off your hands!

Bullion (Gold, Silver, Platinum)

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I love to purchase gold coins and bars; silver coins,
bars, and rounds; platinum coins and bars; and palladium coins and
bars. It’s always a thrill to find the perfect piece for my
collection. From the more traditional coins and bars to the more
exotic platinum and palladium coins, I’m sure I’ll find something I
like. I always make sure to get the best quality coins and bars, so
I can trust that my investments will be worth it in the long

How to Sell

I personally never clean coins or paper money. As a
collector, I understand the importance of keeping my items in their
original condition. Cleaning them can have a drastic effect on
their value, costing me hundreds, if not thousands of dollars!

I’m looking to sell some items and I heard you’re the
place to go. I’ve got just a few things, so if I swing by either of
your locations during business hours, an appraiser can check out
what I’ve got. If there’s more than a few items, I’ll need to call
and book an appointment first. If you’re interested in what I’ve
got, you’ll make me a competitive offer and if I accept, you’ll
need me to bring a valid, non-expired government-issued Photo ID so
you can fill out a Declaration of Ownership form.

How will I be paid?

After I finish a transaction, I get paid right away.
I can also opt for a wire transfer to my bank or financial
institution, though it comes with a small fee.

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Frequently asked questions

Where can I find gold coin shops near

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You can find gold coin shops near you by
searching online or looking in the yellow pages of your local phone

What types of gold coins are sold in these

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The types of gold coins that are commonly sold
in these shops include American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, South
African Krugerrands, Chinese Pandas, and Austrian

Do gold coin shops buy gold coins?

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Yes, many gold coin shops will buy gold coins
from customers, usually for a slightly discounted rate.

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