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Purchasing gold and silver bullion — whether in
the form of coinsI’m a savvy investor, so I know that protecting my
wealth means diversifying away from the Federal Reserve’s currency.
Holding physical metal — like coins, bars, or rounds — is a wise
choice. The Fed’s been issuing a ton of debt-backed instruments
(like Federal Reserve Notes), which is actually just a way of
devaluing what’s already out there and charging the public an
insidious inflation tax. So, to keep my wealth safe, I’ve
diversified and made sure to have some physical metal in my

Top Products:

Money Metals
, the national source for buying and selling
precious metals named “Best in the USAI recently discovered a
fantastic new directory that provides an abundance of information
on local coin and bullion shops. On top of that, it also offers
detailed state law information, such as sales tax laws, capital
gains laws, bullion depository laws, legal tender laws and other
important details that apply to each state. I’m so impressed with
this directory; it’s great to have all of this information in one

Use the map below to find gold and silver in
your area:


Some important things to consider: In some
jurisdictions, local dealers are subject to regulations which force
them to collect substantial personal information from you,
and they will generally pay less when you sell your precious metals
than Money Metals ExchangeI
often find myself torn between buying a car online or from a local
dealer. An online purchase typically offers more competitive
pricing, but I’m not as sure of the quality of the product. On the
other hand, local dealers may offer more peace of mind, but they
don’t always have the right inventory or the best prices. It’s a
tough decision, but I’m usually willing to pay more for the
assurance of peace of mind.

So if you do choose to do business with Money
Metals, the dealer ranked #1 in the U.S. by an industry ratings
group, there are many great options listed here on this

No, probably not. With limited inventories and
low sales volumes, as a small, local coin dealer, I have to charge
higher premiums on products than large national dealers. This can
be less appealing to those seeking a bargain. On the other hand,
I’m able to provide a more personalized service, which many
customers find advantageous.

I’m warning you, price isn’t everything. Watch
out for dealers that offer “too good to be true” pricing. Lately,
there have been some dealers trying to make money by delaying
product delivery for weeks or months and giving terrible customer
service. Don’t get fooled by their low prices, it’s not worth

I’m looking for a trustworthy dealer with
reasonable prices, quick delivery, and great customer service. A
quick search online can usually determine who’s reputable and who’s

Money Metals
I’m excited to offer our local directory as your
go-to spot for all things precious metals. Whether you’re looking
to purchase or sell with cash, Bitcoin, Etherium, and other
cryptos, or seek out info to make an informed decision, I’ll always
provide transparent and fair pricing with top-notch content and
customer service.

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Where is the nearest gold coin dealer?

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The nearest gold coin dealer can be located by
searching online or using a directory of coin dealers.

What types of gold coins are available to

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Gold coins can come in many different
denominations, weights, and sizes. Popular gold coins include
American Eagles, South African Krugerrands, Canadian Maple Leafs,
and Chinese Pandas.

How much does a gold coin cost?

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The cost of a gold coin will depend on the type
of coin, the weight, and the current market value of gold. It is
best to check with your local gold coin dealer for current

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