2023 1/4 oz American Gold Eagle Coin BU

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2023 1/4 oz American Gold Eagle Coin

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American Gold Eagles are among the market’s
most-sold gold coinsI’m celebrating 38 years of gold coins with the
2023 Gold Eagles! Along with the traditional 1 oz. size, you can
find Gold Eagles in fractional sizes, too. This is the perfect way
to get some of that classic gold bullion for your collection. Don’t
miss out on this opportunity to get your hands on some of the most
popular gold coins!

I’m interested in investing and collecting the
quarter-ounce American Gold Eagle coins. They’re small coins, but
have the same legal tender status as their larger counterparts,
making them eligible for IRAs and from highly-regarded US mints. I
can purchase 2023 1/4 oz American Gold Eagle coins from SD
Bullion’s online store with ease.

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Coin Highlights

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  • Contains ¼ oz of .9167 fine gold;
  • Face value of $10, guaranteed by the US Federal
  • IRAs eligible;
  • The obverse features Lady Liberty’s depiction by Saint
  • The reverse showcases the new bald eagle by Jennie Norris.

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The Design

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The 35th anniversary of the American Eagle
Program in 2021 announced a new era for the US MintI noticed a
drastic change to the American Eagle Series right away. It featured
a reversed design, one that was truly unique and eye-catching. The
famous eagle was now imprinted on the side of the coin, rather than
the front, and the background was filled with stars. It was quite a
remarkable transformation, and it made the series stand out even
more. The obverse of the coins now featured a profile of Lady
Liberty, her hair flowing gently in the breeze. This was a bold and
creative move, and it definitely paid off.

I stared in awe at the newly installed Jennie
Norris portrait, featuring a stunning close-up of the national
bird, the bald eagle. Its hooked beak and deep, penetrating eyes
glowed with an almost supernatural magnificence. As I examined the
artwork, I noticed the artist’s initials, etched beneath the image
in delicate strokes. The portrait had replaced Miley Busiek’s
family of bald eagles, and I was glad to have the chance to admire
Norris’ work and appreciate the impressive detail of the national

I’m looking at a 10 dollar gold coin. Across the
top, it says “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”. Below that, two mottos are
lined up in the same direction, “E PLURIBUS UNUM” and “IN GOD WE
TRUST”. On the bottom of the coin, it says “10 DOLLARS” and “1/4 OZ
FINE GOLD”. It’s a really cool piece of history.

I’m holding the obverse of a Saint Gauden’s
design, featuring Lady Liberty. She’s striding forward with
“LIBERTY” arching above her, the Capitol Building to her left, and
sun rays in the background. She’s clutching a torch and an olive
branch, representing light and peace. The date is stamped off to
the side. It’s an incredible design, and I’m privileged to hold it
in my hand.

Security Features

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I recently heard about the new 2023 1/4 oz
American Gold Eagles that have an enhanced anti-counterfeiting
feature. I was told the edges of the coins have a reeded variation,
which means there is a small chip of a plain, smooth surface
randomly placed in the reeds. I’m excited to see how this new
mechanism helps protect and authenticate the coins.

The ¼ oz American Gold Eagle Mintage

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I guarantee that each American Gold Eagle coin I
have is composed of .9167 pure gold, 3% silver, and 5.33% copper.
This alloy ensures the coin is resistant and durable. Plus, I can
guarantee that every coin has an entire quarter-ounce of pure gold
– the silver and copper just add to the weight of the total

Measuring 22mm in diameter and tipping the
scales at just over .27 troy ounces, these coins are easy to store,
move, and exhibit. This makes them ideal to have in your
collection, whether you are just starting out or an experienced
numismatist. Plus, with their small size, they can fit in even the
most compact of spaces.

The American Eagle Series

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In 1986, I was introduced to the American Eagle
Series with its silver version, following the Liberty Coin Act.
Shortly afterwards, the Gold Eagle and its fractional sizes were
added to the collection. With its high levels of metal content, the
credibility of the US Mint, and striking designs, it didn’t take
long for this series to become one of the most sought-after gold
bullion coins around.

Throughout the years, I’ve watched the Mint’s
progression with great interest. It has produced successful annual
strikes, experimented with a variety of polishments, such as
Burnished and Proof, and added two other metal-based coins – the
Platinum Eagle and the Palladium Eagle – to the collection. These
additions have truly transformed the Mint into something

Why invest in Gold Eagles?

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I’m a big fan of Gold Eagles! They’ve been a
hugely successful coin program in the bullion business, and I’m not
surprised. With their long-lasting strikes and a range of sizes,
it’s really easy to get my hands on them for any transaction.

As gold spot pricesI find that gold is an
investment with a lot of value, and its stability is something that
really appeals to me. Even if the gold I purchase has a low initial
cost, I can be sure that it won’t be worth less in the future. Gold
is a great option for me because I know it will remain

As an investor, I’m excited about the potential
of adding 2023 1/4 oz American Gold Eagles to my portfolio. I’m
thrilled to be able to buy gold bullion at an affordable price,
while having the added convenience of easy storage and high
liquidity. These coins are a great way to build up my investments
in a secure and reliable way. With the potential for a great return
on investment, I’m sure these coins will be a great addition.

Buy 2023 ¼ oz American Gold Eagles at SD

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I’m looking to add some gold to my portfolio and
today is the day I’m taking the plunge! I’m checking out American
Gold Eagles from SD Bullion, they’ve got the best selection and I
know I’m in good hands. If I have any questions, I can just give
them a call at 1(800)294-8732 and they’ll be more than happy to
help. So here’s to my first gold investment, let’s see where it
takes me!

Frequently asked questions

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Q1: What is the size of a 1/4 oz gold

A1: A 1/4 oz gold coin is typically 18mm in
diameter and 1.26mm thick.

Q2: What is the melt value of a 1/4 oz gold

A2: The current melt value of a 1/4 oz gold coin
is approximately $263.16.

Q3: What is the face value of a 1/4 oz gold

A3: The face value of a 1/4 oz gold coin varies
by country, but is typically between $5 and $50.

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