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I’m no coin collector, but I know the Franklin
Pierce dollar coins aren’t particularly rare or expensive. Though,
if you have one in pristine condition, it can fetch a nice price.
Let me tell you more about these coins!

I’m Franklin Pierce, the 14th president of the
United States from 1853-1857. My presidency is commemorated on a
coin that is still in circulation today. Serving as president was a
great honor and responsibility that I did not take lightly. I
strived to make decisions that would benefit all of the citizens of
the United States. Although I was only in office for a few years, I
tried to make a positive impact on the nation.


Presidential DollarYear:
2010Face Value:
$1.00Composition: 88.5%
copper, 6% zinc, 3.5% manganese, 2% nickelTotal Weight: 8.1 grams

I just got my hands on the 2010 P, D, and S
proof Franklin Pierce dollar coins from the US mint. On the edge of
each coin is the mint mark, so you can tell which one is which.
It’s really cool having all three varieties of the same coin!

I’m a big fan of coins and am always looking for
the unique ones. One of the most interesting types of coins I’ve
come across are proof coins. These coins are much more detailed and
take longer to produce than regular coins. They’re made
specifically for collectors and you won’t find them in your pocket
change. I love the intricate designs and the extra care that goes
into making these special coins. They’re a great way to add
something unique to my collection.

Series Location Quantity Minted
2010 P Philadelphia 38,220,000
2010 D Denver 38,360,000
2010 S Proof San Francisco 2,224,613


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I’m only able to get face value for my 2010
Franklin Pierce dollar coins, since they’re in circulated
condition. If I had the coins in uncirculated condition, then I’d
be able to get more for them. But that’s how it goes.

I’ve got two Franklin Pierce dollar coins from
2010, both of which are worth around five dollars if they’re in
uncirculated condition and have an MS 65 grade. Pretty cool, huh?
It’s always exciting to stumble across coins like these that are
worth a bit more than face value.

I recently acquired a 2010 S proof Franklin
Pierce dollar coin in PR 65 condition. From what I’ve heard, this
coin is worth around $6.50. It’s a really good deal and I’m glad I
was able to find it! I’m sure it will continue to go up in value
over time, so it’s a great investment. I’m sure I’ll be telling my
friends and family about this purchase for a while.

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Grading System

I’m so excited to own this MS 65 gem
uncirculated coin! It has a beautiful luster and great eye appeal.
There are a few light contact marks, but I can barely even spot
them. It’s just perfect!

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I’m so proud of this coin! I can confidently say
that it’s flawless – not a single flaw in sight. There might be a
few minor blemishes here and there, but that doesn’t make it any
less perfect. PR 65 proof is a testament to how well-preserved it



The Red Book

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Frequently asked questions

What is the value of a Franklin Pierce
Dollar Coin?

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The value of a Franklin Pierce Dollar Coin
depends on its condition and mint date. Uncirculated coins can
range in value from $2.50-$10.00, while circulated coins are
typically worth $1.00 or less.

How can I determine the value of a Franklin
Pierce Dollar Coin?

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You can determine the value of a Franklin Pierce
Dollar Coin by looking up the coin’s condition and mint date. This
information can be found on a coin grading service or by consulting
a price guide.

Where can I purchase a Franklin Pierce
Dollar Coin?

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Franklin Pierce Dollar Coins can be purchased
from coin dealers, coin shows, and online auction sites. You can
also find them in circulation, though coins in good condition are

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