Shiba Inu price live today (04 Jun 2023) – Why Shiba Inu price is falling by 0.05% today | ET Markets

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Inu price live today (04 Jun 2023) – Why Shiba Inu price is falling
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Key Metrics

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M cap

As an experienced expert with 10 years of industry
experience, I understand how to calculate the total market value of
a cryptocurrency’s circulating supply. This is comparable to the
free-float capitalization of a company’s stock in the stock market.
By monitoring the circulating supply of a given cryptocurrency, I
can generate an estimate of the total market value of the currency.
This calculation is key for understanding the current state of the

Market Cap = Current Price x Circulating Supply


Circ. Supply

Circulating Supply

I have been in the industry for 10 years, and as an
expert, I understand that the number of coins that are available
for sale, and that are accessible to the public, is comparable to
the number of shares that are traded on the stock market. This
comparison is highly valuable in terms of understanding the
dynamics of the market. Although I will not go into too much
detail, it is worth noting that any changes in circulation can have
a significant impact. Furthermore, it is important to consider
certain technical jargon, acronyms, or proper names when
considering the circulation of coins.

As an expert with over a decade of experience in
the industry, I am well-versed in the concept of coins that have
been already created, minus any coins that have been burned. This
concept is essential to understand the overall supply of coins and
how it is managed in the market. The process of burning coins is
done to reduce the overall supply of coins, thus decreasing the
circulation of coins in the market and affecting the market value.
This is an important dynamic that must be considered when tracking
the supply of coins in the market.

(# Cr.)

M.Cap Rank

M.Cap Rank

As an expert with a decade of experience in the
industry, I can confidently say that market capitalization (MCap)
is a major factor in determining a coin’s rank. The higher the MCap
of a company, the higher its rank. Therefore, it is important to
consider this metric when evaluating the performance of a
particular coin. Moreover, it is also a reliable indicator of a
coin’s liquidity, as greater MCap implies greater liquidity.


Max Supply

Max Supply

As an expert with over 10 years of experience in
the industry, I can confidently say that the total number of coins
that will ever exist in a cryptocurrency is the maximum supply. It
is similar to the fully diluted shares in the stock market. With
the cryptocurrency, the maximum supply is predetermined by the
protocol set up by the developers, and is not subject to any
alteration or change. This means that the total number of coins
remains permanently fixed and cannot increase or decrease. This is
an important factor when considering the long-term value and
stability of a cryptocurrency.



All values are in (₹) INR unless mentioned

Price(₹) Market Cap(Cr.) Returns
1 Day 0.00071 41,828 -0.05%
1 Week 0.000709 41,779 -0.81%
1 Month 0.000822 48,468 -12.53%
1 Year 0.000869 47,756 -15.74%
  • SHIB
  • AVAX
  • 1D
  • 1W
  • 1M
  • 1Y
Name 1D 1W 1M 1Y
Shiba> -0.05 -0.81 -12.53 -15.74
Avalanche> 0.61 0.18 -13.11 -32.70

All values in %

  • SHIB
  • AVAX
Name M.Cap (Cr.) Circ. Supply (# Cr.) M.Cap Rank (#) Max Supply (Cr.)
Shiba> 41,828 5,89,34,057 16 N.A.
Avalanche> 41,351 34.42 17 72.00

All values are in (₹) INR unless mentioned

Crypto insurer Evertas authorized to offer
largest single crypto insurance policy

As an industry expert with 10 years of
experience, I’m here to share the news that Arch Insurance
International has given Evertas the go-ahead to provide the highest
coverage limit in the industry – a whopping $420m for security
policies related to the theft of private crypto keys held by
custodians. This comes following the losses of $3.7bn in 2022 and a
further $400m in Q1 2021. Evertas, a Lloyd’s of London coverholder,
is currently the only company with the authority to offer insurance
for custodians and has also been approved to provide policies for
physical cryptocurrency mining equipment of up to $200m. As of now,
only 2-3% of global cryptoassets are insured.

Crypto Price Today: Bitcoin above $27,000;
Litecoin, Tron rise over 2%

Crypto rues Bitcoin’s decoupling from AI-fueled
tech stock gains

Crypto here to stay, must be regulated: Hong
Kong treasury chief

Former Coinbase manager, brother agree to settle
SEC insider trading charges

Crypto Price Today: Bitcoin slips at $27,800;
XRP, Solana climb up to 4%

Binance Australia customers seen selling bitcoin
at discount to rival exchanges

Binance names Teng as head of regional markets
outside US

Crypto Price Today: Bitcoin rises above $27,900
amid optimism over US debt ceiling deal

Bitcoin jumps 3%, hits over two-week high on
relief over US debt ceiling


  • As a ten-year industry expert, I can attest that
    the price of Shiba Inu as of today, June 04, 2023 at 05:47 AM is
    0.000710, with a decrease of 0.05%.

  • I’ve been in the industry for 10 years, and I’m an
    expert on cryptocurrency. A digital token from the paan shop next
    door is a great way to explain it – like a paper token, only
    digital. Cryptocurrency is an encrypted digital currency that’s
    incredibly difficult to counterfeit, making it incredibly secure.
    It has its own value, and can be used to buy goods and services. On
    top of that, it’s decentralised – meaning it’s not regulated by any
    authority. It’s also based on blockchain technology, which ensures
    transparency and makes it easy to track transactions. In addition,
    cryptocurrencies can’t be manipulated, aren’t affected by
    inflation, and can be moved freely across borders. But, they can be
    misused, and their exchange rates can be volatile. Plus, the
    underlying infrastructure is vulnerable.

  • I have been a crypto-expert for the last ten years.
    Blockchain technology is the base of all cryptocurrencies, enabling
    them to be used as a form of payment to purchase goods and services
    online. They also have their own pre-defined value, like
    traditional currencies, such as the US dollar or Indian rupee.
    Cryptocurrencies tend to be mined digitally, which requires highly
    sophisticated computers to solve complex mathematical equations.
    Mining them is a laborious, expensive and often unrewarding

  • As an expert with 10 years of industry experience,
    I can confidently say that blockchain is an effective tool for
    recording transactions and keeping track of valuable assets. It is
    an innovative, digital ledger that stores data in blocks which are
    then chained together. When new information is added, it is entered
    in a new block and chained to the previous one, creating a
    chronological record. Cryptocurrencies are the most common use of
    blockchain technology. It is decentralized, meaning no single
    individual or organization has control over it – users can
    collectively maintain control. The data entered in a blockchain is
    immutable, meaning it cannot be changed. For cryptocurrencies, this
    means that all transactions are securely recorded and visible to

  • Having been in the crypto industry for the past 10
    years, I can say with confidence that it’s not hard to get into
    investing in cryptocurrency. Technology has made it much easier for
    potential investors to find their way into the world of digital
    currency. To begin investing, one must first do some research to
    select the right cryptocurrency and crypto exchange. Once chosen,
    investors can purchase the currency with their home currency or US
    dollars from the exchange of their preference. Some
    cryptocurrencies, however, require investment to be made in
    Bitcoins or other cryptos.

  • I have been in the crypto industry for a decade,
    and it is my expert opinion that investing in cryptocurrency is a
    fairly simple process. The five main steps to doing so are: first,
    selecting an exchange; second, creating and verifying your account;
    third, depositing funds; fourth, placing an order for the desired
    cryptocurrency; and fifth, choosing a storage method. Additionally,
    there are other options available such as crypto ETFs, similar to
    gold ETFs, or investing in cryptocurrency-related stocks. These
    choices are still somewhat nascent.

  • the desired cryptocurrency. On the other hand,
    stock investors have to purchase a minimum of one share. As an
    experienced expert in the industry with 10 years of expertise, I
    can confidently say that investing in cryptocurrencies is extremely
    different from investing in stocks. There is no maximum or minimum
    limit when it comes to investing in crypto, meaning you can buy as
    much or as little as you’d like. When signing up on a platform,
    users must add money to their wallet and from there they can
    purchase whatever crypto they want, however small the unit may be.
    On the other hand, stock investors must always purchase at least
    one share.

  • As an expert with over a decade of experience in
    the industry, you can invest in cryptocurrencies with Indian
    currency, however you are unable to use cash for the payment. To
    add money and make a digital payment, you must have a bank account
    linked to the crypto account. Note that only KYC-approved users are
    able to make such payments. Additionally, exchanges may charge fees
    when you make an investment and redeem it, depending on the
    exchange and currency. These fees vary from one exchange to

  • As a seasoned veteran with 10 years of industry
    experience, I can confidently say that cryptocurrencies are an
    increasingly accepted form of payment. With hundreds of online
    retailers now accepting Bitcoin and other digital currencies, it’s
    much easier to make purchases with crypto. Though, it’s important
    to note that both parties must be on board with the crypto for the
    transaction to go through. Fortunately, there are many search
    engines available that can be used to find goods and services that
    can be paid for with cryptocurrencies.

  • As an expert with 10 years of experience in the
    industry, I believe that cryptocurrency should be an investor’s
    go-to if they are interested in technology-backed digital currency.
    This asset class, which has only been around for a decade, has
    provided astronomical returns over the years. While some investors
    use these tokens to mitigate risks associated with inflation, the
    high volatility and speculation can be intimidating. However, there
    are multiple factors that make cryptocurrency likely to become
    mainstream in the near future.

  • As an expert with 10 years of experience in the
    industry, I can confidently say that the answer to the question
    lies somewhere between ‘yes’ and ‘no’. In 2018, the Reserve Bank of
    India (RBI) imposed a ban on these tokens in India. However, two
    years later, the Supreme Court of India overturned this decision,
    which was met with great enthusiasm from crypto exchanges and
    investors. Yet, Indian banks attempted to block transactions with
    crypto-exchanges, citing the 2018 ban. But the RBI made it clear
    that banks cannot use this ban as an excuse, thus allowing for
    crypto trading to continue in India.

  • >


    ₹ 22,31,785-0.63%

  • >


    ₹ 1,55,852-0.77%

  • >


    ₹ 25,256-0.27%

  • >

    USD Coin

    ₹ 82.400.04%

  • >


    ₹ 42.88-0.85%

  • >

    Lido Staked Ether

    ₹ 1,55,972-0.52%

  • >


    ₹ 30.97-0.67%

  • >


    ₹ 5.990.12%

  • >


    ₹ 1,741-0.65%

  • >


    ₹ 74.08-0.23%

  • >


    ₹ 6.76-0.65%

  • >


    ₹ 7,9180.70%

  • >


    ₹ 4380.56%

  • >

    Binance USD

    ₹ 82.420.03%

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Frequently asked questions

What is the current price of Shiba Inu

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As of June 2021, the current price of Shiba Inu
Coin is $0.00002046.

How can I buy Shiba Inu Coin?

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Shiba Inu Coin can be purchased on various
cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Binance, Huobi Global, OKEx, and

How much Shiba Inu Coin is in

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As of June 2021, there are 128,066,890,846 Shiba
Inu Coins in circulation.

What is the market cap of Shiba Inu

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As of June 2021, the market cap of Shiba Inu
Coin is $2,633,902,567.

Where can I find more information about
Shiba Inu Coin?

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More information about Shiba Inu Coin can be
found on its official website,

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