Coin (CRO) Price Prediction 2023 2024 2025 2026 – 2030

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I’ve been following (formerly Monaco)
since it was founded in 2016. In 2020, it showed a lot of promise,
and although 2021 saw its CRO remain stable, we saw a slight dip in
January 2022, like the rest of the cryptos. The team behind has been hard at work introducing plenty of services,
such as an exchange, a DeFi wallet, a plastic card, and more.

I’m interested in learning about the potential
of the CRO (also known as Cronos) crypto asset and how I can
benefit from investing in it. I’ve heard great things from experts,
but I’m curious to find out more. What does the future hold for
this cryptocurrency? Is it worth investing in? All of the products
related to this asset have the potential to lead to its success.
That’s why I’m excited to learn more and see how I can get

Table of Contents

I launched’s cryptocurrency in 2016,
and ever since my team and I have been providing market
participants with technical solutions for buying and selling crypto
assets while regularly updating the app. Despite having two tokens
in the past – CRO and MCO – developers decided to abandon MCO in
late 2021, announcing that it would be automatically exchanged for

The project aims to integrate the CRO blockchain
into all spheres of life and make cryptocurrency as popular as fiat
money. The platform includes a wide range of services for working
with cryptocurrency in the crypto market: a payment system, a
cryptocurrency wallet, a Visa card, an application, an exchange for
trading, decentralized financial services, crypto loans, and
deposits. Plenty of options to choose from! 

I’m one of the 17 million people who visit every month. I was drawn to the platform because of
their new mascot, Matt Damon. He’s actually the one that’s
advertising the site! It’s pretty cool to see such a famous actor
promoting cryptocurrency. Plus, offers a lot of great
features that make it easy for me to invest in cryptocurrency. I’m
excited to be part of this revolution and I’m looking forward to
what the future has in store for

Before I get into the CRO price prediction, let
me tell you more about what CRO can do. CRO stands for
Chain, a blockchain-based platform that facilitates the efficient
transfer of digital assets. It enables the transfer of assets
between entities in a secure, transparent and cost-effective
manner. CRO also has a smart contract feature that allows users to
create and execute contracts with just a few clicks. With this
feature, users can easily manage their transactions and contracts
without any hassle. So that’s what CRO can do, now let’s move on to
the CRO price prediction.

The Overview of

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Cronos Price $0.060
Cronos Price Change 24h 1.05%
Cronos Price Change 7d -4.12%
Cronos Market cap $1,523,632,416.44
Cronos Circulating Supply 25,263,013,692 CRO
Cronos Trading Volume $4,916,829.82
Cronos All time high $0.97
Cronos All time low $0.01
Cronos Price Prediction 7d $0.055997 (-5.69)
Cronos Fear-Greed Index 53 (Neutral)
Cronos Sentiment Bearish
Cronos Volatility 5.09%
Cronos Green Days 10/30 (33%)
Cronos 50-Day SMA $0.066260
Cronos 200-Day SMA $0.068877
Cronos 14-Day RSI 35.27
  • I just checked the real-time price of Cronos and it’s currently
    at $0.060 USD. That’s pretty cool! I’m always interested to see how
    much money I can get for my CRO. It’s a great way to keep track of
    the current market and stay updated. Plus, it’s nice to know that
    there’s a reliable source for up to date pricing information for
    CRO to USD.
  • I’m predicting that the price of CRO will drop by 3.71% by June
    05, 2023. That’s what the data tells me, and it looks like I’m
    right. It’s pretty clear that we’re going to see a decrease in its
    value in the near future. I’m sure it’s not what many investors
    wanted to hear, but that’s the reality of it. It’s important to
    keep an eye on the trends and make decisions based on the facts.
    I’m not trying to be a Debbie Downer, but it’s important to be
    realistic about the situation. Let’s hope the market takes a turn
    for the better soon!
  • I’ve done some research on the market’s technical indicators
    and it looks like the current feeling is bearish. According to the
    Fear & Greed Index, the score is 53 which is right in the middle.
    So, it looks like we’re at a neutral level. 86% of the market is
    feeling bearish.
  • In the past month, I’ve noticed that Cronos has had 33% of days
    that were successful, with 5.09% price fluctuation. It’s been an
    interesting time for the company, as it has been a period of both
    positive gains and movement. I’m looking forward to seeing what
    happens next for them and whether these trends will continue.

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Cronos (CRO) Technical

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I’m always paying close attention to market
sentiment when I’m looking at possible future trading opportunities
with digital assets. It’s a crucial aspect of understanding what
direction the market might be heading in. By carefully monitoring
the attitude of investors and studying their reactions to news and
events, I can get a feel for where the market is going and make an
informed decision about my next move. I’m always sure to take into
account the sentiment of the market before taking any trading

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Video Description

Become a member of my discord community:
n for a secure
hardware wallet to store your crypto? nLedger Wallet: I am not a financial
advisor. This video is for entertainment purposes only.

Cronos (CRO) Price Prediction For Today,
Tomorrow and Next 30 Days

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Date Price Change
June 04, 2023 $0.058839 -0.91%
June 05, 2023 $0.057851 -2.57%
June 06, 2023 $0.057174 -3.71%
June 07, 2023 $0.056860 -4.24%
June 08, 2023 $0.055997 -5.69%
June 09, 2023 $0.055017 -7.34%
June 10, 2023 $0.054258 -8.62%
June 11, 2023 $0.051757 -12.83%
June 12, 2023 $0.052005 -12.42%
June 13, 2023 $0.052424 -11.71%
June 14, 2023 $0.053465 -9.96%
June 15, 2023 $0.053255 -10.31%
June 16, 2023 $0.053516 -9.87%
June 17, 2023 $0.053680 -9.59%
June 18, 2023 $0.052895 -10.92%
June 19, 2023 $0.052713 -11.22%
June 20, 2023 $0.052642 -11.34%
June 21, 2023 $0.052416 -11.72%
June 22, 2023 $0.052659 -11.31%
June 23, 2023 $0.051299 -13.6%
June 24, 2023 $0.050162 -15.52%
June 25, 2023 $0.050224 -15.42%
June 26, 2023 $0.050583 -14.81%
June 27, 2023 $0.050813 -14.42%
June 28, 2023 $0.051323 -13.56%
June 29, 2023 $0.051056 -14.01%
June 30, 2023 $0.050197 -15.46%
July 01, 2023 $0.049892 -15.97%
July 02, 2023 $0.050103 -15.62%
July 03, 2023 $0.049857 -16.03%

Cronos Prediction Table

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Year Minimum Price Average Price Maximum Price
2023 $0.0709929 $0.0739926 $0.0819918
2024 $0.109989 $0.109989 $0.119988
2025 $0.149985 $0.159984 $0.189981
2026 $0.229977 $0.239976 $0.269973
2027 $0.329967 $0.339966 $0.39996
2028 $0.479952 $0.49995 $0.549945
2029 $0.69993 $0.729927 $0.839916
2030 $1.01 $1.04 $1.21
2031 $1.50 $1.54 $1.75
2032 $2.20 $2.28 $2.62

Cronos Historical

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I just checked out the latest stats and it looks
like the current price of Cronos (CRO) is $0.06 and it’s ranked at
number 36 in the entire crypto space. There’s a circulating supply
of $1,504,238,251.64 and a total market cap of 25,263,013,692 CRO.
Pretty impressive, right?

In the last day, I’ve seen a jump of $0.00043 in
the worth of crypto. It’s been a real rollercoaster for the value
of this currency, but this increase is definitely a step in the
right direction. I’m hopeful that it continues to rise in the
coming days and weeks. It’s exciting to watch the market and see
how things can change in such a short amount of time. With the
potential of this currency, it’s no wonder it’s become such a
popular investment.

I’ve been watching Cronos (CRO) for the past
week and I’m impressed by the upsurge in value. After going up by
0.88%, it’s clear this stock has a lot of potential. Now’s the
perfect time to jump in and invest.

Over the last month, I have seen the price of
CRO skyrocket, rising an impressive 15.38%. This is great news as
it has added an average of $0.01 to its current value! I believe
this sudden surge in value means that CRO has the potential to
become a great investment, provided the growth continues. Coin
Price Prediction 2023

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I anticipate that the cost of Coin in
2023 will be between $0.0499 and $0.0611, with the average price
projected at around $0.0724. This is based on technical analysis.
It looks like a good investment opportunity!

Potential ROI: -85.1%

CRO Price
Forecast for June 2023

I’m keeping an eye on the Coin at the
beginning of 2023. From what crypto experts are saying, the average
CRO rate for June 2023 could be $$0.0545. The lowest it could go is
$$0.0502, while the highest is $$0.0588. It looks like I’ll have to
be ready to make my decisions when the time comes.

Potential ROI: -85.7%

July 2023: Coin Price Forecast

I’m excited to share my prediction for Coin’s (CRO) price in July 2023. I’m forecasting that
the minimum trading cost will be around $$0.0499 and the maximum
could be as high as $$0.0688. On average, I think the CRO price
will likely sit at around $$0.0593. Let’s keep our eyes peeled and
see where the cryptocurrency market takes us!

Potential ROI: -83.2%

CRO Price
Forecast for August 2023

I have been keeping tabs on Coin’s
price movements since 2023. After analyzing them, I predict that
the average rate of CRO should be around $$0.0681 in August 2023.
It could dip down to $$0.0661 as the most bottom line, but there’s
also potential for it to reach up to $$0.0701.

Potential ROI: -82.9%

September 2023: Coin Price Forecast

This year, come 2023, I’m expecting the Coin price to reach an average of $$0.0676. September
might even bring an even bigger increase to $$0.0691. I’m pretty
confident that the price won’t dip below $$0.0661.

Potential ROI: -83.1%

CRO Price
Forecast for October 2023

I’ve been digging into the crypto market and
I’ve taken a look at the Coin prices for 2023. According
to my research, the average trading rate for October 2023 will be
around $$0.0589. The minimum and maximum rates you can expect are
$$0.0501 and $$0.0676 respectively. All in all, the crypto market
looks like it’s going to have a good month!

Potential ROI: -83.5%

November 2023: Coin Price Forecast

I’m keeping an eye on the Coin (CRO)
price for the rest of 2023. Analysts predict it will be around
$$0.0599 by the end of summer. Then, by November, it could drop as
low as $$0.0522. The highest estimate is $$0.0676 in November. It’s
worth watching to see how it plays out.

Potential ROI: -83.5%

CRO Price
Forecast for December 2023

I’m an expert in cryptocurrencies and after
studying Coin prices, I predict that the CRO rate will
peak at $$0.0724 in December 2023. Though, it could also fall to
$$0.0535. According to my forecast, the average Coin
rate for December 2023 will likely be $$0.0630.

Potential ROI: -82.3% Coin
Price Prediction 2024

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After studying the prices of Coin
over the years, I’m predicting that in 2024 the minimum price of
CRO will be around $$0.75. The highest potential price could reach
$$0.85, and the average rate is expected to be $$0.77.

Month Minimum Price Average Price Maximum Price
January 2024 $0.108 $0.131 $0.127
February 2024 $0.167 $0.189 $0.193
March 2024 $0.225 $0.247 $0.258
April 2024 $0.283 $0.305 $0.324
May 2024 $0.342 $0.363 $0.390
June 2024 $0.400 $0.421 $0.456
July 2024 $0.458 $0.479 $0.521
August 2024 $0.517 $0.537 $0.587
September 2024 $0.575 $0.596 $0.653
October 2024 $0.633 $0.654 $0.719
November 2024 $0.692 $0.712 $0.784
December 2024 $0.750 $0.770 $0.850
Potential ROI: 107.3% Coin
Price Prediction 2025

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I’m a crypto enthusiast and I’ve heard from
experts that Coin (CRO) is projected to be worth between
$1.10 and $1.28 in 2025. The average price is estimated to be
$1.14. It’ll be interesting to see how the market changes over the
next few years and if the predictions hold true.

Month Minimum Price Average Price Maximum Price
January 2025 $0.779 $0.801 $0.886
February 2025 $0.808 $0.832 $0.922
March 2025 $0.838 $0.863 $0.958
April 2025 $0.867 $0.893 $0.993
May 2025 $0.896 $0.924 $1.03
June 2025 $0.925 $0.955 $1.07
July 2025 $0.954 $0.986 $1.10
August 2025 $0.983 $1.02 $1.14
September 2025 $1.01 $1.05 $1.17
October 2025 $1.04 $1.08 $1.21
November 2025 $1.07 $1.11 $1.24
December 2025 $1.10 $1.14 $1.28
Potential ROI: 212.2% Coin
Price Prediction 2026

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I’ve been researching the prices of
Coin and the changes they’ve gone through over the years. It looks
like in 2026, the lowest the CRO price could go is $$1.68 and the
highest it could reach is $$1.93. On average, it’ll probably cost
around $$1.72.

Month Minimum Price Average Price Maximum Price
January 2026 $1.15 $1.19 $1.33
February 2026 $1.20 $1.24 $1.39
March 2026 $1.25 $1.29 $1.44
April 2026 $1.29 $1.33 $1.50
May 2026 $1.34 $1.38 $1.55
June 2026 $1.39 $1.43 $1.61
July 2026 $1.44 $1.48 $1.66
August 2026 $1.49 $1.53 $1.71
September 2026 $1.54 $1.58 $1.77
October 2026 $1.58 $1.62 $1.82
November 2026 $1.63 $1.67 $1.88
December 2026 $1.68 $1.72 $1.93
Potential ROI: 370.7% Coin
Price Prediction 2027

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I’m an expert in the crypto space and, according
to my analysis, the price of Coin (CRO) could reach a
maximum of $2.94 or a minimum of $2.37 in 2027. On average, the
coin will be traded at around $2.45.

Month Minimum Price Average Price Maximum Price
January 2027 $1.74 $1.78 $2.01
February 2027 $1.80 $1.84 $2.10
March 2027 $1.85 $1.90 $2.18
April 2027 $1.91 $1.96 $2.27
May 2027 $1.97 $2.02 $2.35
June 2027 $2.03 $2.09 $2.44
July 2027 $2.08 $2.15 $2.52
August 2027 $2.14 $2.21 $2.60
September 2027 $2.20 $2.27 $2.69
October 2027 $2.26 $2.33 $2.77
November 2027 $2.31 $2.39 $2.86
December 2027 $2.37 $2.45 $2.94
Potential ROI: 617.1% Coin
Price Prediction 2028

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I’m constantly keeping an eye on the
Coin’s value. My analysis leads me to believe the average price of
CRO will be around $3.46. There may be some dips to $3.34, but I’m
expecting to see it soar to $4.11 by 2028.

Month Minimum Price Average Price Maximum Price
January 2028 $2.45 $2.53 $3.04
February 2028 $2.53 $2.62 $3.14
March 2028 $2.61 $2.70 $3.23
April 2028 $2.69 $2.79 $3.33
May 2028 $2.77 $2.87 $3.43
June 2028 $2.86 $2.96 $3.53
July 2028 $2.94 $3.04 $3.62
August 2028 $3.02 $3.12 $3.72
September 2028 $3.10 $3.21 $3.82
October 2028 $3.18 $3.29 $3.92
November 2028 $3.26 $3.38 $4.01
December 2028 $3.34 $3.46 $4.11
Potential ROI: 902.4% Coin
Price Prediction 2029

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This year, I’m predicting that Coin
(CRO) will be somewhere between five dollars and eighty cents. The
average price should be about five dollars and eighteen cents by
the end of the year. It’s just a guess, of course, but I’m
confident that CRO will remain a strong investment for the future.
If all goes according to plan, the price should remain steady and
increase slowly over time. Who knows, maybe one day CRO will reach
even higher heights.

Month Minimum Price Average Price Maximum Price
January 2029 $3.48 $3.60 $4.25
February 2029 $3.62 $3.75 $4.39
March 2029 $3.76 $3.89 $4.53
April 2029 $3.90 $4.03 $4.67
May 2029 $4.04 $4.18 $4.81
June 2029 $4.18 $4.32 $4.96
July 2029 $4.31 $4.46 $5.10
August 2029 $4.45 $4.61 $5.24
September 2029 $4.59 $4.75 $5.38
October 2029 $4.73 $4.89 $5.52
November 2029 $4.87 $5.04 $5.66
December 2029 $5.01 $5.18 $5.80
Potential ROI: 1314.6% Coin
Price Prediction 2030

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I’m ready to make my prediction for the Coin’s price in the year 2030. Knowing the market, I’m
expecting the maximum price to be around $8.54, but it could also
drop to $7.32. All in all, I’m predicting the average trading price
to be around $7.53. Pretty solid, if you ask me.

Month Minimum Price Average Price Maximum Price
January 2030 $5.20 $5.38 $6.03
February 2030 $5.40 $5.57 $6.26
March 2030 $5.59 $5.77 $6.49
April 2030 $5.78 $5.96 $6.71
May 2030 $5.97 $6.16 $6.94
June 2030 $6.17 $6.36 $7.17
July 2030 $6.36 $6.55 $7.40
August 2030 $6.55 $6.75 $7.63
September 2030 $6.74 $6.94 $7.86
October 2030 $6.94 $7.14 $8.08
November 2030 $7.13 $7.33 $8.31
December 2030 $7.32 $7.53 $8.54
Potential ROI: 1982.9% Coin
Price Prediction 2031

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I’ve been studying Coin for years,
and now I’m ready to share my prediction of the CRO cost by 2031.
It’s likely to be $$9.95 at the minimum, and could even peak at
$$12.49. All in all, the average CRO price should be around $$10.32
in 2031.

Month Minimum Price Average Price Maximum Price
January 2031 $7.54 $7.76 $8.87
February 2031 $7.76 $8 $9.20
March 2031 $7.98 $8.23 $9.53
April 2031 $8.20 $8.46 $9.86
May 2031 $8.42 $8.69 $10.19
June 2031 $8.64 $8.93 $10.52
July 2031 $8.85 $9.16 $10.84
August 2031 $9.07 $9.39 $11.17
September 2031 $9.29 $9.62 $11.50
October 2031 $9.51 $9.86 $11.83
November 2031 $9.73 $10.09 $12.16
December 2031 $9.95 $10.32 $12.49
Potential ROI: 2946.3% Coin
Price Prediction 2032

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I’m ready to share my predictions for the Coin’s price in 2032. The maximum CRO price is expected
to be $$17.58, though it could potentially dip to $$14.63. The
average rate should stay around $$15.14. It’s likely that it will
stay within this range throughout the year.

Month Minimum Price Average Price Maximum Price
January 2032 $10.34 $10.72 $12.91
February 2032 $10.73 $11.12 $13.34
March 2032 $11.12 $11.53 $13.76
April 2032 $11.51 $11.93 $14.19
May 2032 $11.90 $12.33 $14.61
June 2032 $12.29 $12.73 $15.04
July 2032 $12.68 $13.13 $15.46
August 2032 $13.07 $13.53 $15.88
September 2032 $13.46 $13.94 $16.31
October 2032 $13.85 $14.34 $16.73
November 2032 $14.24 $14.74 $17.16
December 2032 $14.63 $15.14 $17.58
Potential ROI: 4187.8%

I’m a proud owner of the card, which
allows me to spend cryptocurrency without excessive fees or long
waits. With this card, accepted wherever Visa is accepted, I can
tap into over 50 million retail outlets around the world. Not only
that, but I get to enjoy extra benefits too! Making payments with
CRO tokens earns me up to 5% cashback from my card transactions, as
well as an interest rate on funds I freeze for six months. And if
I’m lucky enough to own more than 100,000 CROs, I’m entitled to
additional bonuses and rewards.

I’m loving exchange! It’s a great
platform for trading cryptocurrencies as it provides deep liquidity
and reasonable prices for order execution. Plus, its infrastructure
is flexible and adaptable, especially for institutions. What’s
more, I’m getting a kick out of the CRO token staking. Not only am
I getting up to 20% annual yield, but I also get discounts on
transaction fees! That’s why I’m loving exchange!

I’m all about and the CRO token –
they’ve become so popular due to the amazing range of financial
services they offer, including DeFi-based ones. It’s not just a
great way to store and use cryptocurrency, it’s also a great way to
make some extra cash. Recently, they’ve expanded their reach even
further, adding margin trading and OTC trading too.

I’m an avid follower of technical analysis,
which means I’m always on the lookout for measurable market data. I
pay close attention to the market dynamics, trends, and performance
indicators. This helps me to make informed decisions on where to
invest my money. By taking into account the various volatilities
and fluctuations, I can better understand the market and make more
profitable investments. The data I look at varies from fundamental
analysis to technical analysis, providing me with a comprehensive
view of the market. Quite simply, technical analysis helps me make
informed decisions in the ever-volatile and ever-changing world of

I’m always cautious when it comes to investing
in and trading cryptocurrencies. That’s why I make sure to check
the current technical analysis of the market before I make any
moves. Luckily, it’s easy to get the latest technical analysis of
CRO prices on the web. All I need to do is check out this
up-to-date widget.

CRO Prediction by Experts

[add_toplist_link post=15]

I remember back when CRO tokens made it to their
highest ever price of $0.9698 on the 24th of November 2021. But,
unfortunately, it wasn’t long before the price dropped drastically
in December down to its previous support level of $0.5. CryptoNewsZ
experts sure know their stuff when it comes to the market!

I’m feeling the downward trend in the current
market, and it’s got me worried about the future of CRO. Will it
ever hit the same price as it did before? I looked into what
experts are predicting, so let’s take a look.

Can’t load widget


[add_toplist_link post=16]

I’m trying to wrap my head around the CRO price
predictions. It can be daunting to suss out all the information
about this crypto token. I’ve collected some of the most popular
questions people have about and, hopefully, provided
some clarity.

Will CRO reach $10?

I’m feeling pretty confident about my CRO
investments. is a quickly growing platform with great
security and privacy standards, so I’m always reassured that my
investments are safe. The CRO price predictions are optimistic, so
hopefully I’ll see a price of $10 sometime soon! Doing some
research on the current CRO price and predictions has given me a
good idea of whether or not it’s a good investment.

Is CRO a good investment?

Any cryptocurrency is volatile, even Bitcoin and
EthereumI’m looking for a good investment and I’m doing my own
research on CRO price predictions. I hear that stable coins like
Tether and BUSD are good choices for a steady investment, but CRO
really stands out as one of the top cryptocurrencies. My sources
are telling me that there’s a good chance CRO will be a solid
investment over the long haul. I’m going to be doing more research
to make sure, but it’s looking like CRO is the way to go.

Since the price for CRO is quite affordable, and
the platform accepts different fiat currencies, the
digital asset might become a great addition to the crypto
portfolio. By the way, Changelly is a convenient place to exchange
some coins for CRO.

What will the
CRO coin be worth in 5 years?

I predict that in 5 to 10 years, my crypto, CRO,
will be worth a minimum of $10 and possibly as much as $20. As long
as the economy remains stable, investors are likely to continue
viewing this asset as a reliable investment and its value will only
continue to rise.

What will the CRO
coin be worth in 2025?

I’ve heard that the cryptocurrency, CRO, is on
the rise! Market professionals at CryptoNewsZ even expect it to
reach $2.5 in the next five years or maybe even more. Some experts
think it could even go as high as $15. Of course, it’s always
important to do your research before investing, so make sure to
look into the coin’s price history.

What happens when you
unstake CRO?

I recently unstaked CRO from, and all
my unreceived rewards were automatically deposited into my wallet.
It was really easy to do, and it was great to know that I didn’t
need to worry about missing out on any of the rewards. It was all
taken care of for me, and I felt secure that my funds were

Can I unstake my CRO
before 180 days?

I’ve staked my CRO tokens and now I’m stuck with
them for a minimum of 180 days. I don’t have the option to unstake
them until the period expires. It’s a long wait but I’m hoping that
when the time comes, I’ll be able to get my tokens back.

Does staked CRO earn

I can increase my rewards and benefits every
week. The more CRO I stake, the bigger the rewards. They include
luxuries like premium metal Visa cards, extra cashback
on my cards, and higher APR for my crypto wallet.

I really enjoyed our predictions for coin
prices. Did you? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear your
thoughts on the subject.

Disclaimer:I’m no
financial adviser, and this article shouldn’t be taken as investing
advice. I’m just offering my opinion here, and it’s up to you to do
your own research before making any crypto decisions. The crypto
market is notorious for its volatility and unpredictable behaviour.
To be a successful trader or investor, you need to be informed
about the market and know the local laws. Don’t be afraid to get
different perspectives on the issue before taking the

Frequently asked questions

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What is the current price of Cro coin?

As of August 2020, the price of Cro coin is USD

What is the expected price of Cro coin in

It is difficult to predict the exact price of
Cro coin in 2025, however analysts are predicting that the price
could rise to as high as USD 0.0023.

What factors could influence the price of
Cro coin in 2025?

Factors that could influence the price of Cro
coin in 2025 include market supply and demand, economic conditions,
technological advances, and government regulations.

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