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I’m asked about this at least once a year, and I
always love talking about it, even though the answer never changes.
I have a special place in my heart for these machines, so it’s like
a nostalgic trip whenever this comes up!

The name of the “coin-pusher machines” is

I find it almost mesmerizing to drop a quarter
or dollar coin into a slot and watch as the spinners fling it onto
one of the shelves. Then the mechanical arms push it into a stack
of coins that gradually inch their way to the edge of the front
spill tray. People even say it’s addictive!

I’m a Flip-It fan, but it’s no surprise it’s not
a popular game in casinos anymore. When I used to play, it was
always one quarter at a time. We’d watch anxiously and wait for the
result, but it was nothing like video poker which can run through
hundreds of dollars in an hour. It’s not a money-maker for the
casino, so I understand why they phased it out.

I definitely made some money on Flip-It machines
at the casino. I noticed a ton of quarters slipping down the side
of the machine and vanishing into who knows where. That’s the
casino’s cut, so I realized it was best to put the coins into the
middle slots, to stay away from the edges.

I’m a bit of a gambler, so I had to check out
the newest game in town – Flip-It! It’s a game of chance that
involves volatility, jackpot baskets, and coin-counting. It can be
tricky to master, but the house edge is relatively low. If you want
to learn more, Michael Bluejay has an awesome article about it on The last time I checked, it was still available
at the Golden Gate, Four Queens, Stratosphere, and Sahara in Las
Vegas. So if you’re feeling lucky, why not give it a shot?

I’ve seen these kinds of machines in arcades,
where instead of coins being returned, you get tickets as a reward.
These tickets can be exchanged for prizes, so it’s a great way to
get something special for playing the game. It’s almost like a
reward system for having fun!

I haven’t seen a Flip-It machine in a Nevada
casino for almost twenty years. The majority of the older
quarter-pushers have been moved to casinos on cruise ships.
Whenever the ship went through rough waters, I always thought it’d
be fun to give the machines a try. Who knows, a big wave might move
those quarters just right, making it easier to win!

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Frequently asked questions

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Where can I find a coin pusher machine near

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The best way to find a coin pusher machine near
you is to search online or ask friends and family in your area who
might know of a local establishment that has one.

How much does a coin pusher machine

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The cost of a coin pusher machine can vary
greatly depending on the type and size of the machine. Prices
typically range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand

What are the rules of playing a coin pusher

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The main rule of playing a coin pusher machine
is to not use foreign objects like coins, sticks, or other items to
push coins into the machine. Additionally, it is important to
remember to only use coins that are accepted by the machine, as
other types of coins may cause the machine to malfunction.

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