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Need a clean, peaceful place to do your

I’m swamped with laundry and could really use
some help? I’m looking for a place to unwind and get my clothes
washed, and The Laundry Room has exactly what I need. Their
personal laundry services provide free WIFI and friendly staff to
take care of my clothes. It’s the perfect solution for me!

When You
Choose Us Over Other Orlando Laundry Services:

  • As I step inside, I’m greeted with the cool air of the
    air-conditioned facility. The sliding doors open and close
    automatically, making it easy to enter and exit. It’s also great to
    have free wifi – no more worrying about data! I’m so glad to be
    able to use this modern and comfortable facility.
  • As a busy parent, I’m grateful that my kids are welcome to come
    along when I do laundry. It makes my life so much easier! The Kids
    Area has everything my children need to stay entertained – from
    books to toys. It’s a great way to keep them busy while I’m washing
    clothes. Plus, I don’t need to worry about them getting bored or
    getting into trouble. I’m thankful for the Kids Area, it makes life
    so much easier!
  • You get access to state-of-the-art machines that leave your
    clothes cleaner, faster.
  • I’m more than willing to help you take your laundry out of your
    car. If you’re elderly or disabled, don’t hesitate to ask me for
    assistance. I’m always happy to help.
  • You can pay with flexible options like credit cards or earn
    free washes with The Laundry Room loyalty app.
  • I’m getting the VIP treatment with our “Takeout” wash and fold.
    Not only do I get neat and tidy laundry folding, but I also qualify
    for free pickup and delivery! It’s the perfect way to make sure my
    clothes are always looking their best. Plus, I can trust that my
    laundry is being handled with care.

Orlando Laundry Services

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The Laundry Room offers four personal laundry

Laundromat near

  • We kick traditional wash and fold laundry up a notch with our
    clean, modern laundromat located in Orlando. Laundromat Near me

Wash and Fold

  • We know you don’t always have time to stay at the laundromat.
    Drop off your laundry and trust our professional team to get your
    clothes clean. Wash and Fold

Pick Up and Delivery

  • Don’t have time to swing by the laundromat? That’s okay! The
    Laundry Room will pick up and deliver your laundry daily from 8 am
    – 12 pm, and from 4 pm – 8 pm. Pick Up
    and Delivery Laundry Service


  • I need clean clothes ASAP? I feel ya. If you drop off your
    clothes before 11 am, you can pick them up after 6 pm that same
    day. That’s right, you’ll have your garments ready for whatever the
    day throws at you. No waiting around for days, you can get your
    clothes clean and ready to go in just a few hours!

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Laundry Delivery And Pick Up

I bet you didn’t know that I offer free delivery
for my wash and fold service! That’s right – I charge the same rate
for both pickup and delivery of your laundry. So you can sit back
and relax knowing that my friendly and professional team will come
to you – whether you’re at home, in the office, or in an

I offer a laundry pickup and delivery service
everyday. Every morning, I come to pick up your laundry from 8 am
to 12 pm, and I deliver it back to you from 4 pm to 8 pm. You can
usually expect to have your clothes ready within a day.

I’m so excited about our contact-free laundry
pickup and drop-off service. If you want some extra space, just let
me know and I’ll be sure to arrange it for you. This makes it so
easy for me to get my laundry done without having to worry about
coming into contact with anyone. It’s an amazing time saver and
makes my life so much easier.

Schedule A Pick Up

Frequently asked questions

Where is the nearest coin operated

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The nearest coin operated laundry is located at
123 Main Street.

How much does it cost to do a load of

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It typically costs between $1.50 to $2.00 per
load of laundry.

What types of payment are accepted?

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Most coin operated laundries accept coins,
credit/debit cards, or cash.

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