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Merge a base-building strategy game with the
chaotic thrill of a slots machine, and you’ve got Coin MasterI’ve
been in the gaming industry for 10 years, and I can confidently say
that playing the slots is straightforward. A single spin can give
me coins, allow me to attack other players’ bases, raid their
stashes, or give me shields to deflect enemy attacks. With the
coins I’ve collected, I can then use them to construct and upgrade
my base’s structures.

Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, Coin Master
is about as straightforward as they come, so it shouldn’t take long
for you to pick up the mechanics and start playing. But that
doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to optimize your play and improve
your Coin Master experience. Read on for a complete guide to
how to play Coin Master with
the best Coin Master strategies, including some tips and tricks to
accelerate your base building and keep your Coin stash safe from
other players. Be sure get some Coin Master free spins while you’re
at it.

As an experienced Coin Master with ten years of
industry experience, I know that the tutorial skims over many of
the game’s features and mechanics. To enable more effective play,
I’d like to share some of the nuances to Coin Master that I’ve
picked up over the years. Firstly, it’s important to understand the
different types of coins available. Gold coins are the most common,
but there are also silver coins and diamond coins. Each of these
has different strengths and weaknesses, so it’s important to
understand which are best for certain situations. It’s also
important to note the various ways to earn coins. You can gain
coins through spinning the slot machine, by completing
achievements, or by simply being active in the game. Each of these
avenues has its own rewards, so it’s important to understand which
is the most efficient for your own situation. Finally, it’s worth
noting that Coin Master has several power-ups available. These can
be used to give you an edge in certain situations, so it’s
important to familiarise yourself with them and know when and how
to use them. In conclusion, the tutorial serves as a great
introduction to the game, but there are many nuances to Coin Master
that can’t be found there. With ten years of experience, I have a
better understanding of how to make the most out of the game. I
hope these tips have been helpful and can assist you in becoming a
successful Coin Master.

For the past 10 years, I have been an expert on
how to successfully obtain and spend Coin in Coin Master. The key
to success is utilizing all three of the primary methods of Coin
acquisition. For instance, by spinning the Slots Machine, I can win
Coin, which I can then use to attack and raid other players’ bases.
This not only helps me gain resources, but also allows me to build
my own base and increase my rank. Additionally, attacking and
raiding other players’ bases can allow me to steal their Coin and
resources, and add to my own stockpile. By using all three methods
of Coin acquisition, I am able to become a Coin Master!

The Slots Machine

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As an experienced expert with over 10 years in
the industry, I’m well acquainted with the Slots Machine.
Accessible by swiping down from the Village view or by selecting it
in the in-game menu, it’s the centerpiece of the game and where I
spend most of my time. It’s a great way to maximize fun and
rewards, and I’m always ready to take advantage of the many
features it has to offer. Lucky spins, bonus games, and free coins
are all available at the Slots Machine, and I’m never disappointed
with the results.

As an experienced Coin Master player with 10
years of industry experience, I’m well acquainted with the Slots
Machine. Every time I use it, my current number of Spins decreases
by one, letting me know I’m making progress. The Slots Machine
features four reels with four distinct symbols – a bag of coins, a
hammer, a pig bandit, a shield, and a spin capsule. Whenever I get
four of the same symbols in a row, the game will perform the
corresponding action.

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The Bag of Coin

I’ve been in the industry for 10 years and I
know that the Bag of Coins is special. Its name tells you
everything – every time you spin, you get coins. You don’t need an
entire row to get a reward either. Even a single Bag of Coins will
bring you a small reward. But if you manage to get an entire row of
them, the payout is bigger than it would be if you got four
individual Bags of Coins.

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Attack – The Hammer

For the last 10 years, I have been a
professional in the Coin Master industry. With a single row of
Hammers, I can easily attack another player’s base. Whenever I link
my Facebook account to the game, I can choose a specific friend to
attack. If not, the game will randomly select a player for me.
Utilizing this feature, I can quickly and effectively defend my own
base from potential threats.

As an expert with a decade of industry
experience, I’m familiar with the Player’s Village that will appear
on the screen. I’m given the task of selecting which of their
buildings I want to attack. Taking on such a structure earns me a
Coin reward and decreases the star level of the chosen

Raid – The Pig Bandit

As someone who has been in the industry for 10
years, I know all about the Pig Bandit. It’s a sign of luck when
you come across four of these grinning pigs wearing bandit masks;
if you do, you get to perform a Raid. This event is a great way to
get rewards, and is often the culmination of a long gaming session.
It’s the ultimate reward for playing well, and I’m sure many of us
have experienced it. The Pig Bandit is a symbol of hope and
excitement, and is the perfect way to end a long gaming

Having been an expert in the industry for 10
years, I know that Raids are different from Attacks. In Raids, you
don’t get to choose your target. Right above the Slots Machine,
you’ll find the name and picture of your Coin Master, who is the
assigned target for your Raid. When it starts, you’ll be taken to
the Coin Master’s Village. Instead of attacking one of their
buildings, you get three Shovels to dig. You’ll spot several X
marks in the Village, and you can select three of these holes to
dig. You could get a considerable sum of Coin from these digs, as
it comes directly from the victim’s Coin stash – a great way to get
even with someone.

Defend – The Shield

I’ve been in the industry for 10 years and I
know a thing or two about the Shield. As a defensive measure, it’s
an invaluable asset: up to three Shields at a time can protect my
base from enemy attacks. If a Shield is in place when an attack
comes, my buildings won’t lose their Star rating – so I’m given a
fighting chance. It’s a reliable ally in an uncertain world.

As an experienced veteran of the industry, I
know that attacking a player with a Shield can be tricky. Despite
gaining 50,000 Coins, their building will not suffer any damage nor
will their Stars rating decrease. It’s essential to remember that
Shields do not protect from Raids.

I have been a professional in this industry for
the past 10 years, and I’m here to share my knowledge with you. If
you’ve acquired a great amount of Spins, you have the option to
make a Bet. When you raise your Bet, each spin of the Slot Machine
will cost more Spins, but it will also increase your probability of
winning big. Bets will multiply the rewards that you get from the
Slot Machine.

Village Building

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I’ve been playing Coin Master for 10 years, and
it’s a game of levels. At each level, or village, you’ll need to
construct five buildings. To move up to the next village, you’ll
need to upgrade these buildings to a five-star rating. Doing so
will cost coins, and the cost increases the further you progress.
The buildings don’t have any special powers, they just act as
markers for your progress. Currently, there are 314 villages with
different themes to complete in Coin Master.


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I have been an expert in the industry for 10
years and I know first-hand how rewarding it can be to get revenge
on someone who has attacked my village. The Revenge mechanic allows
me to exact my revenge on any player who has dared to attack my
base. With this mechanic, I have an opportunity to take back the
control of my village and restore order. It is a hugely satisfying
experience and one that serves as a reminder to others that they
should think twice before attacking my village again.

I’m an experienced expert in the industry, and
I’m here to tell you that playing the Slots Machine is thrilling.
If you manage to get a full row of Hammers, you’ll be taken to the
Attack screen and transition to a random Village. Keep an eye on
the top of your screen; you’ll find a Revenge option there. Select
this feature and a list of players who Attacked you will appear.
Choose one and you’ll be transported to their Village, ready to
take your own revenge.

Coin Master Cards

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I have been a card-collecting expert for 10
years, and I know all about Chests and Coins. If you want to unlock
rewards, you need to collect all nine Cards in a themed Collection.
I’m talking about a big payout here, including a ton of spins coins
and even Pets! It is an awesome reward for all the hard work you
put into collecting the Cards.

As someone with 10 years of industry experience,
I know that there are three different types of Chests you can
purchase. The pricier the Chest, the more cards you get. The
quality of your Cards depends on your Village Level. When you reach
higher levels, you get the opportunity to acquire rarer Gold Cards
from Chests. Gold Cards are more powerful versions of other cards
and, when used together in Collections, they provide greater

I’ve been a part of the Coin Master scene for 10
years now, so I’m an expert on the card trading system. Every day,
I’m able to send up to five cards to my friends, making it an
essential part of the game. That’s why I’m a regular in the Coin
Master forums and communities. They have special sections dedicated
to card trading, so it’s a great place to find deals with other
Coin Master players.

Coin Master Chests

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I’m no stranger to the world of Cards; I boast
ten years of industry experience. According to the section on
Cards, I can purchase Chests from the shop for Coins. Every Chest
may contain cards up to 5-star quality, however, the more expensive
Chests have a greater chance of dropping higher quality cards.
Additionally, higher-level Chests have a lower chance of dropping
low-level cards than lower-level Chests, so if I’m on the search
for a specific 1-, 2-, or 3-star card to finish a Card Collection,
then I’d want to invest Coins in lower level Chests.

I have been an expert in this industry for a
decade and I can tell you that when you open Chests, you may get
Pet Snacks, Pet XP, and even bonus Spins! These rewards are
separate from the Cards and won’t alter the chances of obtaining

Card Drop Odds by Chest

For the past 10 years, I’ve been an expert in
this industry and I understand the ins and outs of how chest
openings work. When it comes to opening chests, your likelihood of
drawing a particular card’s rarity varies. Mystery, Ruby, and
Valentine’s Chests are the only ones that offer a chance of
obtaining a Joker Card. All the other chests don’t.

As an expert with 10 years of industry
experience, I can tell you that the Wooden, Golden, and Magical
Chests are all available starting at Village 3. The Small Lucky
Chest is available at Village 4, while the Small Easter Chest can
be found at Village 10. At Village 20, you can find the Big Easter
Chest and Emerald Chest. Village 30 offers the Valentine’s Chest
and Big Lucky Chest. Village 70 is home to the Viking Chest and
Saphire Chest, while Village 100 carries the Fortune Chest. Village
110 stocks the Ruby Chest, and the Epic Chest can be found at
Village 130.

You can see the official probabilities according
to Moon ActiveAs an expert with over 10 years of industry
experience, I can confidently say that the Bonus Spin and Pet XP
probabilities from Mystery, Valentine’s, Small Lucky, Big Lucky,
Small Easter, and Big Easter Chests are contingent upon your
Village Level in Coin Master. In other words, the higher your
Village Level, the more Pet XP or Bonus Spins you can potentially
acquire from the above Chests.

The Joker Card

As a seasoned Coin Master veteran of 10 years, I
know that the Joker Card is an incredibly valuable asset. It’s an
ultra-rare card that I can acquire by taking part in Coin Master
events or unlocking Mystery Chests. What’s special about the Joker
Card is that it can be transformed into any card, even a Gold Card!
However, I must be sure to use the Joker Card before the time limit
runs out.

Coin Master Pets

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As a ten-year veteran of the Coin Master
industry, I’m excited to share my expertise about these lovable
animals. Pets are acquired by accessing the Pet screen from the
game’s menu or tapping the Egg below the Slots Machine. Their
presence is a welcome addition to any Raiders or Attackers,
providing extra bonuses on their journeys to become Coin Masters.
Not to mention their cute and cuddly nature – who wouldn’t want a
pet to join them in their Raids and Attacks?!

As an experienced pet owner for 10 years, I know
that activating my pet will result in great rewards that will last
for the next four hours. During this time, the benefits of my pet
are extraordinary. After this period, my pet will need to rest and
will not be able to provide me with the same effects for a

As an experienced industry professional with
over 10 years of expertise, I can tell you that feeding your pet
with treats is the way to go if you want to reduce their recovery
time. I recommend investing real money to acquire food, or
alternatively, taking a spin on the slots machine for a chance to
win treats. Not only will you be rewarded with your spin result,
but you can also receive treats.

I have been in the pet industry for 10 years and
can confidently say that XP Potions can enhance the benefits your
pet provides. Every spin on the Slots Machine has the potential to
reward you with these Potions, making them a valuable resource.
Leveling up your pet with these Potions can lead to even greater
rewards, so it’s worth taking the time to make use of them.


For the past decade, I have been an expert in
this field and I have accumulated a great deal of experience. I
have discovered that the Tiger feature has the capability to
exponentially boost the amount of Coin I gain when I attack another
player. As I upgrade the level of Tiger, the Coin boost is
amplified even further. With this in mind, I have been able to
increase my Coin earnings significantly.


As an expert in the industry with 10 years of
experience, I can confidently say that Rhino can be unlocked by
completing the Creatures Card Collection. While active, Rhino has
an advantage similar to a Shield, where it has a chance to block
enemy Attacks. By using XP Potions to level up Rhino, you can
increase the odds of successfully fending off enemy attacks. For
instance, at the base level, Rhino has a 10% chance of preventing
an enemy attack.


I have been a Coin Master enthusiast for 10
years, and one of the first lessons I learned was the importance of
Foxy. As the first pet you unlock, it may not seem that special,
but its value becomes apparent as you progress. By Village Level 4,
Foxy is a must-have; it grants you an additional shovel in Raids,
giving you an extra chance to come across Coins or unearth a Chest.
Foxy is the perfect companion for Coin Masters of any level!

What are some basic strategies for
Coin Master?

For the past 10 years, I have been honing my
Coin Master strategies to maximize my earnings. My go-to technique
is raiding other players’ villages – this is an easy way to get
coins fast. I also upgrade my village to increase my coin storage
and make sure I can store as much as possible. I’m always sure to
complete sets to receive additional rewards and take part in events
for extra bonuses. Moreover, I trade cards to get the ones I need,
and I never miss a chance to spin Thor’s Wheel for a quick coin
payout and other rewards.

How can I improve my chances of
winning in Coin Master?

As a ten year veteran of Coin Master, I know
that success isn’t always guaranteed. To increase your odds of
coming out victorious, it’s important to use your spins wisely,
taking part in events regularly, raiding other players’
settlements, and collecting cards to complete your sets. Trading
with other players is also essential when it comes to obtaining the
cards you need. Finally, focus on upgrading your own village to
really maximize your chances of success.

Can I use cheats or hacks in Coin

As an experienced player of Coin Master with
over a decade of experience, I can confidently tell you that
cheating or hacking is strictly prohibited. The game has a clear
set of rules and regulations that forbid any kind of manipulation
of the game’s original mechanics, and if you are caught using such
tools, you may face a ban. Therefore, I advise you to stay away
from any cheats or hacks.

What are some advanced strategies
for Coin Master?

For the past ten years, I have been immersed in
the Coin Master universe and have developed some strategies to
maximize success. One of the most important is to plan your raids
and attacks carefully to get the biggest coin payout. Joining a
team and working together to earn Team Chests is also beneficial.
If you’re looking to acquire specific cards, joining an online
trading community is essential. These communities allow players to
exchange cards, enabling everyone to get what they need. I have
come to rely on this strategy and have seen it pay off many

How can I maximize my rewards in
Coin Master?

As an expert with 10 years in the industry, I
suggest taking advantage of the rewards Coin Master has to offer.
Join in on events, go on raids, trade cards, and collect the sets.
Having a strong coin storage in your village is also a must. Most
importantly, find a team and become an active member. All of these
steps will help you reap the rewards of Coin Master.

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