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I began my journey into the world of coins
and currency in the early 1990s. I developed a strong interest in
varieties of coins and eventually acquired Jeff Oxman’s “Top 100
Morgan Dollar Varieties – The VAM Keys” in 1996. This was the spark
that ignited my passion for collecting Morgan and Peace Dollar
varieties. For the next six years, I traveled across the United
States to attend shows and visit shops in order to purchase and
sell coins on a part-time basis. In the early 2000s, I made the
leap to become a full-time wholesaler. During this period, I was
also the President of a few local coin clubs, a Director for the
North Carolina Numismatic Association, and President of the Society
of Silver Dollar Collectors.

I’m Ashmore Rare Coins & Metals, located
at 5725 W. Friendly Ave., #112 in Greensboro, NC. Come by and visit
my store – I’m open Monday to Friday from 10am to 5:30pm. But don’t
come on the weekend – I’m closed on Saturday and Sunday. (336)
617-7537 if you need to call.

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Frequently asked questions

Where can I find coin dealers near me?

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You can find coin dealers near you by searching
online for local coin shops and coin dealers. You can also check
your local Yellow Pages for listings of coin dealers in your

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Are there any reputable coin dealers near

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Yes, there are reputable coin dealers near you.
You can research online for reviews and ratings of local coin
dealers to help you determine which ones you may want to

How can I find out the value of my

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You can find out the value of your coins by
consulting a coin dealer or by researching online. You can also
find coin value guides that will help you determine the value of
your coins.

Do coin dealers buy coins?

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Yes, many coin dealers buy coins. You can
inquire with your local coin dealers to see if they are interested
in buying coins from you.

What types of coins do coin dealers

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Coin dealers typically buy coins that are in
good condition and have a high value. They may buy coins from any
country, era, or denomination. It is best to contact your local
coin dealers to find out what they are interested in buying.

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