How to cash in your coins at Coinstar

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Using the coinstar machine tips and tricks! The
coinstar machine allows you to take your change and either exchange
all your change for cash or a gift card! These coinstar machines
are located everywhere. We have been saving our change for a year
now and so we decided to take all of that change and get see how
much we could get at the coinstar machine! Watch this to find out
exactly how much we got! Thanks for watching! Don’t forget to
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Frequently asked questions

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A little secret tip on how to cash in thousands
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Where can I find a coin change machine near

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Coin change machines can typically be found at
banks and post offices. Many grocery stores and convenience stores
also have coin change machines, so it is worth checking with your
local stores.

How does a coin change machine work?

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A coin change machine works by accepting coins
and then giving you a different type of coin in return. For
example, you might put in five quarters and receive one dollar in

What coins can I use in a coin change

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Most coin change machines will accept coins from
different countries. However, each machine might have different
requirements, so it is best to check with the machine first.

How much does it cost to use a coin change

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The cost of using a coin change machine will
depend on the machine itself. Some machines may charge a fee, while
others may be free to use.

Do I need to bring a specific amount of
coins to use a coin change machine?

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No, you can use any amount of coins in a coin
change machine. However, it is a good idea to count your coins
before using the machine to avoid getting incorrect change.

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