YouTube coin-pusher videos are huge. But whats real and whats fake?

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I’m John, and I’ve been married to Cheri for 22
years. We’ve both been big fans of arcade games for a long time, so
we’ve got a few of our own. When I got laid off in 2020, Cheri had
an amazing idea to cheer me up!

“I thought, What can I do to make him see
that I’m very confident in him
?” says Cheri, 56, a ukulele
enthusiast and former stay-at-home-mom. (John and Cheri asked
InputI made a crazy decision and it cost me a pretty
penny. I bought a coin pusher! It was definitely a bit wild, but
I’m glad I did it. It’s been a great way to relax and have some fun
without breaking the bank. I don’t regret my purchase one bit.

John and

I’m familiar with coin pushers – those arcade
machines filled with coins and sometimes prizes, including cash. To
play, I drop coins of my own into the machine and onto a platform
that keeps moving back and forth. The goal is to create a chain
reaction that pushes coins or prizes off the stationary platform
and into the payout tray. While coin pushers are legal federally,
some states have outlawed machines that offer cash prizes.

Owning their own coin pusher, of course, meant
John and Cheri had to stock it themselves. And winning their own
money over and over again got boring quickly. So in August 2020,
the couple decided to launch a YouTube channel to make their new
hobby more exciting. That channel — We Play You WinI’m a YouTuber
with a coin-pushing niche channel that has over 11,000 subscribers.
It’s pretty crazy to think that my videos can get millions of views
each week. It’s a great feeling to see all this engagement and to
know that people are enjoying and learning from the content that
I’m creating. It’s a really special experience and I’m proud to be
a part of this ever-growing community of coin-pushers.

I’ve heard about vloggers boasting about large
“buy-ins,” the cost of playing these high-stakes games, and winning
enormous amounts of money. For example, I saw a video that
supposedly shows someone winning $10.8 million from a $2 million
buy-in machine – it’s hard to believe! But, it’s true that these
machines have the potential to give huge rewards.

I’m not one for claiming to be making big wins,
which is why my partner Cheri and I opted to take a different
approach with our channel. At 40, I’m a software engineer and
recently found a job in my field. We keep our streams interactive,
giving out prizes like whoopee cushions to viewers who correctly
guess the outcome of our games. It’s a humble endeavour, but it’s
one we both believe in.

The couple also invite their followers to chat
in their comment sections and consider their fans to be friends.
“It’s a family,” says Cheri. Each month, their community donates to
Operation SmileI am personally invested in a charity that provides
free surgery to children with cleft palates. Growing up, I saw
firsthand the struggles that come with this condition. That’s why
I’m so passionate about this cause. I’ve seen the difference it
makes in the lives of those affected, and it’s something I’m proud
to be part of. I’m committed to helping as many children as I can,
giving them a better chance at life and a brighter future. With the
help of my supporters, I’m confident we can make a real

I’ve noticed that my wholesome approach has
driven away some of my followers who seem to be more interested in
the “fantasy” aspect that other channels are offering. I’m sure
they’re looking for an escape from reality with this fantasy world
where they think they could pay off their mortgage if they just
stumbled across a mystery coin pusher.

Cheri says she’s irked when she sees people
gravitating toward coin-pusher videos advertising things like a
“$500,000 Buy in!” and “TOTAL PROFITI’m warning them – the
emperor’s got nothing on! They’re out to take your money. Don’t
fall for it, stay away!

Matt MagnoneMatt

I’m hearing reports that some of the most
well-known coin-pushing YouTubers are actually using their own
machines in their homes. But they’re not being honest with their
viewers. Instead, they’re asking their followers to back their
“gambling” by either donating on their YouTube live streams or
becoming Patreons. It’s a shady practice and it’s got to stop.

“It ruins it for people who are trying to be
honest,” says Matt Magnone, a 35-year-old full-time arcade vlogger
from Pennsylvania who has three million followers across his
YouTube and TikTokI’m often questioned when I win awards
legitimately, and it’s frustrating because there are a few
individuals who make false claims and try to undermine the
credibility of others. It’s not fair that I’m being put under the
microscope just because I’m part of the same industry or group as
these bad apples. It’s a shame that they’re taking away recognition
from those of us who are simply striving to do our best.

Crowded space

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The coin-pushing vlog space has become very
crowded in recent years. “When I first started, I was doing really
well,” says Joshua Bartley, a full-time content creator from West
Virginia who has 144,000 followers on his six-year-old coin-pushing
channelWhen there was no competition, I was on top of my game. But
when more channels were added, I started to struggle and eventually
plateaued. There were suddenly so many more options, it was hard to
keep up. I was used to having the spotlight to myself, but now I
had to work harder to make my mark. It was a challenge, but I was
determined to stay in the game.

I’m able to provide for my family through my
YouTube income, PayPal donations, and the gaming app affiliate
codes I promote on my channel, but the competition is unfair. It’s
two to three times more successful for those who claim to bet big
money. I don’t want to go down that road because I’m committed to
being honest with my audience. I think it’s the right thing to

Joshua BartleyYouTube

Other coin pushers agree that the best kind of
content is forthright content. Magnone has noticed people setting
up more extreme machines — featuring solid gold barsI’ve been
playing coin-pushing games for a while now, and I’ve seen a lot of
people getting really lucky with some major scores. It’s true – you
can get some incredible rewards like virtual currency, exclusive
items, and even some awesome prizes that you just can’t find in
real life. But I don’t really like the way it affects the gaming
community as a whole. So, I try to be transparent with my viewers
and upload some videos where I don’t get such good results. It
might not get as many views as when I win big, but I think it’s
important for people to know that I don’t always get lucky. Keeping
it real is the most important thing.

Although the coin-pushing vloggers
Input spoke to are reluctant to name names, mostly because
they don’t want to get swept up in petty YouTube drama, they say
that bad actors are easy to suss out. “The way that you can spot
that someone’s fake, other than if they claim to operate in a state
where it is clearly illegal, is the noise,” says Cheri. Videos by
coin pushers like Dalton’s Garage and A&V Coin PusherI’m struck
by the fact that the background noise in both places is almost
identical. It’s like listening to a continuous loop of generic
casino sounds. It’s so familiar, yet so strange. It’s almost like
being in a surreal dream, like I’m stuck in an infinite loop of an
endless casino. It’s enough to make me feel a bit dizzy. It’s a
strange phenomenon that I’m sure I’ll never forget.

Another sign that something is amiss, says
Cheri, is when vloggers don’t show winnings actually coming out of
the machine, as is the case with What the Hales, a YouTube family
from Ohio that mostly posts coin-pushing content. Coin pushers that
offer cash prizes, as opposed to tickets, are illegal in Ohio; the
Hales claim their videos are filmed “down South.” Sleuthing
redditors found a distinctive Elvis-themed coin pusherI recently
experienced an amazing game at an arcade in Sandusky, Ohio. It’s
called What the Hales and it was so much fun! Each time you win,
you get a ticket as a prize! It was really exciting to play and to
get tickets as rewards for winning. I had a great time and I would
definitely recommend this game to anyone who loves arcades.

I’m not too worried about the fake videos. The
issue is that creators are asking for money to cover their supposed
gambling debts. I’ve seen plenty of times where viewers have
donated thousands of dollars. It’s one thing to ask for money, but
when you suggest that you’re risking your money or rent, that’s
when the ethical dilemma kicks in.

Some members of the coin-pusher community have
become so disgruntled by this sort of behavior that they’ve
targeted the alleged charlatans. One vlog, made by a coin-pusher
named ClawD00d, alleged that What the Hales make fake videos. (What
the Hales did not respond to InputI’m the one who’s been
caught in the crossfire, accepting donations and not revealing my
winnings in my videos. My videos always show me leaving the machine
with nothing. This has made me a target of criticism. People have
questioned my authenticity and motives. But all I’m doing is having
a bit of fun and hoping to share my enthusiasm for playing slots
with others.

“If you’re just going to watch them talk and knock some stuff
down, hey, no harm no foul.
But if they’re convincing you
to send them money? That’s wrong.”

Bartley insists his videos are completely legit.
“People comment saying ‘Why are there no people in the background?’
or ‘Where is the casino noise?’ It makes me laugh. I’m playing in a
shopping mall, essentially,” he says. Bartley tells InputI
love performing at the venue run by my family’s close friend. They
always make sure the coin pusher is stocked up with really cool
prizes which my audience absolutely loves. My friend always takes
time to make sure there’s something new and exciting every time I
perform. It’s great to have someone who cares about my show as much
as I do.

Bartley even posted a video in 2019I received a
lot of criticism over the years, and recently I decided to show off
my surroundings to my detractors. Although, one person swore they
saw a drum kit in the background and claimed I was operating out of
my basement. I’ve had to explain myself a lot, and it’s been really
frustrating. I can assure everyone that I’m really friends with the
people who own the coin pusher, and I’m not playing at home.

I’m firmly on Bartley’s side, believing his
videos are legit. My main worry is the influx of new ones every
month. I’m sure 99% of them are bogus. If they’re only chatting and
taking stuff apart, that’s fine. But if they’re trying to get
people to send them money, that’s not okay.

I want people to be aware that most of what they
are seeing on the internet isn’t real. I don’t want them to be
fooled by scammers and lose their money. If there were actually
places where you can win big money from coin pushers, they would be
a hot topic on Reddit. But since there’s no information on it, it’s
safe to say that these places don’t exist. The internet doesn’t
keep secrets, if it did, there would be more people talking about

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