Fortnite: Where is the buried blue coin in Retail Row? How to dig up XP coin

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The Fortnite Season
5 week 5 challenges are now available, and there’s an heavy
emphasis on gnomes. While gnomes in reality are mostly tacky
decorations or the stars of horrid movies such as Sherlock Gnomes,
in Epic Games’ battle royale they need to be found for challenges.
But, away from the bevy of gnome challenges, there is one that asks
players to find a buried blue coin in retail row. This has resulted
in people asking where is the buried blue coin in Fortnite at
Retail Row, and here you’ll discover how to dig up the XP

Aside from the challenge which this guide
focuses on, other week 5 challenges task players with digging up
and burying gnomesI’m playing a battle royale game and my mission
is to collect Gnomes in Holly Hedges. It’s no simple task as I’m
competing against other players, but I’m determined to get them
all. With each Gnome I find, I get closer to the ultimate goal. I’m
using all my skills and strategy to win, and it’s a challenge I’m
enjoying. I have to think fast and move quickly, but it’s a
thrilling experience. I’m constantly looking for new Gnomes and
it’s a real adventure. I’m sure I can make it through and collect
them all.

I’m here to help you uncover the buried blue
coin at Retail Row in Fortnite. First, you’ll need to locate the
spot. It’s actually pretty easy to find – it’s near a gnome! Once
you’ve spotted it, you’ll need to start digging. Don’t worry, you
don’t need a shovel for this. All you have to do is start punching
the ground with your pickaxe and you’ll soon find the blue coin.
And there you have it – you’ve found the buried blue coin at Retail

Where is the buried blue coin in

The buried blue coin can be found in Fortnite at
Retail Row.

I’m trying to unearth the blue coin that’s
buried at Retail Row. It’s hidden at a yellow Fortnite house. I’m
determined to find it and make use of it! I’ll have to explore the
area thoroughly and keep an eye out for the yellow house. I’m sure
it’ll be worth the search.

I’m heading to this bright yellow house and I’m
excited to see what’s there. I’m expecting to find a basketball
hoop, and sure enough, it’s right there next to a tall, thin tree.
It’s the perfect spot to practice my three-pointers!

I wandered to a tree and noticed something
peculiar. There was a pile of leaves that had a slight blue glow.
It was so mesmerizing that I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I wanted
to take a closer look and see what it was. As I got closer, I
noticed the leaves were shimmering and twinkling like stars. I
couldn’t believe what I was seeing! I felt so lucky to have been
able to witness this incredible sight. I had never seen anything
like it before. It was truly magical.

How to dig up the blue coin at Retail Row in

I need to uncover a buried blue coin at Retail
Row in Fortnite and I’m on the hunt for the yellow house there.
After scouring the area, I’m ready to start digging in the right
place and hopefully find what I’m looking for. My heart is pounding
with anticipation as I dig away, hoping to uncover the secret
treasure. I can’t wait to see what I find!

I’m ready to dig up the blue coin in Fortnite!
Armed with my pickaxe, I’m gonna take a swing at the pile of leaves
and see if I can uncover it. It’s gotta be hidden underneath that
mound of foliage somewhere. Wish me luck!

I’m about to embark on an exciting challenge and
the reward is a real bonus! If I complete the challenge
successfully, I’ll be awarded 20,000 XP. This means there will be
XP up for grabs and I’m determined to get my share of the prize.
I’ll be putting my best foot forward and doing my best to succeed
in this challenge. Time to get to work and show what I’m capable

And that’s all you need to know about how to
complete the challenge.


Frequently asked questions

What is a buried blue coin?

A buried blue coin is an in-game currency in the
game “Retail Row” which players can collect.

Where can I find buried blue coins?

Buried blue coins can be collected by completing
various in-game activities in Retail Row such as playing matches,
completing challenges, and opening chests.

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How can I use buried blue coins?

Buried blue coins can be used to purchase
cosmetics and other items from the in-game store in Retail Row.

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