Big Brother recap: The Cookout is firmly in control with Tiffany as HOH

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Brother recap: The Cookout is firmly in control with Tiffany as HOH
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By Kyle Fowle August 29, 2021 at 10:21 PM

I’m feeling all sorts of emotions at the start
of this week’s episode. Everyone is really hyped that Tiffany won
HOH and sent Derek X packing, since she’s a popular houseguest.
Claire even calls Tiffany her “closest ally”. She’s really relieved
not to be on the block this week, but she doesn’t know about The
Cookout yet. There’s barely any non-Cookout players left, so
Tiffany could easily nominate her.

I’m feeling relieved for my friend Claire, and
it looks like Tiffany has more pressing matters to attend to. After
talking with Kyland, it seems that Sarah Beth will be the one in
the crosshairs this week. Derek X stirred up the pot as he was
evicted, but it appears that Sarah Beth would have been a target
regardless. She just won Head of Household, she’s in a vulnerable
position, and she’s a strong competitor that could break up The

I feel so bad about sending Derek X home. Kyland
and I are both filled with guilt. We all have someone in The
Cookout that we’ve been super close to, but aren’t part of the
larger alliance, so it’s really hard to send them home. Tiffany
tried to comfort me and said that Derek X will get it once the game
is over and that we’re all in the same boat, as everyone in The
Cookout will have to blindside someone at some point (like she will
have to do with Claire).

I sat down with Sarah Beth, straight up telling
her that I was going to put her on the block. I explained that
Derek X leaving was a bad move for my game because he was a close
ally and that, even if she hadn’t realized it, she had weakened my
game. As the new HOH, I had a valid reason to put her on the block.
But Sarah Beth came back to me later, trying to persuade me to put
Alyssa on the block instead. She had a great argument and really
tried throwing Alyssa under the bus. It was impressive.

I’m feeling down for Sarah Beth. Tiffany is
dead-set on getting rid of Alyssa, but she’s starting with Sarah
Beth first. At the nomination ceremony, Xavier is already on the
block due to his veto win punishment, and Tiffany nominates Kyland
and me. It’s an easy decision for her. She can tell the non-Cookout
members that Kyland and I are a strong duo and can do well in the
game, which is exactly what she told me. It’s the perfect

I’m the one with the power this week when it
comes to the High Rollers Room. The Coin of Destiny is in my hands
and it could give me the chance to become the anonymous Head of
Household and dethrone Tiffany. The only problem is, only Big D and
Claire have enough BB Bucks to actually play the game. So, The
Cookout has come up with a plan. They want Claire to win so that if
she gets control of the week, she’ll keep the nominations the same
and one member of the alliance will be vulnerable next week. No
matter what, this decision isn’t set in stone and I’m the only one
who can change it.

I toss the coin and it lands on heads. I win and
get my nominations, which I made in secret. Kyland and Sarah Beth
come off the block, but then quickly go back on it. I’m sticking to
Tiffany’s game plan and keeping things the way they were. Big D put
up too much of a fight, and I’m the one that came out on top! Now I
have the HOH powers for another week.

I’m really impressed with the way The Cookout is
playing out. Although I’m not a huge fan of alliances taking
control, they seem to be really strategic and intelligent about
this game. Tiffany’s plan to eliminate Sarah Beth is going off
without a hitch, so if there isn’t a miracle veto win, she’s
probably going to be saying goodbye on Thursday.


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