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I’m no coin collector but I’ve heard of the
Andrew Jackson dollar coins. They don’t have much value in the
market, but if you find one in mint condition you may be able to
sell it at a premium. I’m interested to learn more about these
coins, so I’m doing some research.

I’m Andrew Jackson, the 7th President of the
United States of America. From 1829 to 1837, I proudly served as
the leader of this great nation and, as a token of my time in
office, my image is now featured on a coin.


Presidential DollarYear:
2008Face Value:
$1.00Composition: 88.5%
copper, 6% zinc, 3.5% manganese, 2% nickelTotal Weight: 8.1 grams

I recently acquired a 2008 P Andrew Jackson
dollar coin, 2008 D Andrew Jackson dollar coin, and 2008 S proof
Andrew Jackson dollar coin from the US Mint. I can see the mint
mark on the edge of each one. It’s a neat reminder of how far the
US currency has come since the 18th century!

I’m a huge fan of coins, so when I discovered
proof coins, I was intrigued. These coins are made with extra care
and detail. They are produced on specially made planchets which
means it takes longer to create them. Proof coins are not meant to
be found in your pocket change, instead they’re special coins made
for coin collectors. It’s an exciting way to add something unique
and special to your collection.

Series Location Quantity Minted
2008 P Philadelphia 61,180,000
2008 D Denver 61,070,000
2008 S Proof San Francisco 3,083,940

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I’m only worth $1.00 in circulated condition –
just like the 2008 Andrew Jackson dollar coins. If I’m in
uncirculated condition, though, I’m worth more than face value.
That’s why folks are willing to pay a premium for me.

I’m an avid coin collector, so I was excited to
find out that my 2008 P Andrew Jackson dollar coin and 2008 D
Andrew Jackson dollar coin were worth around $5 each in
uncirculated condition with an MS 65 grade. It’s been a great
addition to my collection and I’m always looking to add more coins
to it. I’m sure that these coins will continue to increase in value
over time, so it’s a great investment for any collector!

I’m a collector of coins and the 2008 S proof
Andrew Jackson dollar coin is one of my favorites. It’s worth
around $4.50 in PR 65 condition. It’s a beautiful coin and I’m
proud to have it in my collection. The detailing on the coin is
amazing, it’s almost like being able to look into the past. I’m
sure its value will continue to increase over time.

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on Amazon.

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Video Description

A citizen of Tennessee, Andrew Jackson was the
first president elected from west of the Appalachian Mountains. As
a boy, he fought in the Revolutionary War. Jackson gained national
prominence as a hero of the War of 1812, and was nicknamed “Old
Hickory” for his firm discipline as commander of his troops.nnAs
president, Jackson worked to strengthen the executive branch and
vetoed more bills than the six prior presidents combined. His
renomination to a second term marked the first use of a national
nominating convention to select a party’s candidate instead of a
congressional caucus.nnA strong proponent of federal supremacy
over states’ rights, he took a forceful stance against the state of
South Carolina’s attempt to nullify a federal tariff, declaring
“Our federal Union: it must be preserved.”nnPresident Jackson
authorized three southern branches of the United States Mint in
1835 – New Orleans, Charlotte, and Dahlonega.nnCoinage
Legislation under President Andrew JacksonnnAct of June 25, 1834
— This Act regulates the legal-tender value of certain foreign
silver coins.nnAct of June 28, 1834 — This Act regulates the
legal-tender value of certain foreign gold coins.nnAct of June
28, 1834 — This Act sets the standard weight of U.S. gold coins,
sets the standard for payment for gold or silver deposited for
coinage, sets the rate at which gold coins shall be receivable, and
directs the setting apart of gold coins for assay.nnAct of March
3, 1835 — This Act establishes a branch of the United States Mint
for the coinage of silver and gold at New Orleans, Louisiana, and
branches for the coinage of gold at Charlotte, North Carolina and
Dahlonega, Georgia.nnAct of January 18, 1837 — This Act:nnsets
forth the duties and increases the salaries of the officers of the
United States Mint, with the Director earning $3,500 per year
including travel expenses;nsets forth the composition and weight
of gold and silver coins;nmandates that each coin struck at the
United States Mint shall have on one side an impression emblematic
of liberty with an inscription of the word “Liberty” and the year
of the coinage; and that the reverse of gold and silver coins shall
have the representation of an eagle with the inscription “United
States of America.” The figure of the eagle shall be omitted from
the reverse of the dime, half dime, cent, and half cent;nmakes
provisions for gold and silver bullion that is brought to the Mint
for coinage.nUnited States Mint Directors appointed by President
Jacksonnn1835 Robert Maskell Patterson, M.D — Sixth Director of
the United States Mint

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Grading System

I’m looking at this MS 65 gem uncirculated coin
and it’s beautiful! The luster is strong and the eye appeal is
great. There are a few light contact marks on it, but you can
hardly notice them. Overall, it’s a stunning coin.

I’m proud to say that this coin is flawless!
Even if there are a few minor blemishes, it’s still PR 65 proof.
I’m passionate about collecting coins, so I take great care to make
sure that each piece is of the highest quality. I’m also confident
in the condition of my collection, so you can be sure that you’re
getting the best coin possible.



The Red Book

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Frequently asked questions

What is the value of an Andrew Jackson
Dollar Coin?

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The value of an Andrew Jackson Dollar Coin
depends on the condition of the coin and the year it was minted.
Generally, Andrew Jackson Dollar Coins that are in good condition
can be worth anywhere from $3 to $15.

What years were Andrew Jackson Dollar Coins

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Andrew Jackson Dollar Coins were minted from
2007 to 2011.

Are Andrew Jackson Dollar Coins still in

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Andrew Jackson Dollar Coins are no longer in
circulation. They were replaced with the Presidential Dollar Coins
in 2012.

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