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Established by the July 9, 1985 passage of the
Liberty Coin Act, the uncirculated American Silver Eagle Coin is
the official silver bullionAs an American, I’m proud to own a piece
of my country’s history. The American Silver Eagle is unmistakably
stunning with its iconic design. I’m confident in its purity, as
each coin contains 1 Troy oz of .999 pure silver, backed by the
United States Government. It’s no wonder why it’s so widely sought
after by investors around the world. The American Silver Eagle is
the perfect choice for those looking to add a piece of American
history to their portfolios.

Details of the Uncirculated American Silver

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The American Silver Eagle coins from the United
States Mint are available in three different versions. The two
collectible versions of the Silver Eagle are known as the Proof
Silver Eagle and Burnished Silver EagleI’m a coin collector, so I
appreciate the beauty of the American Silver Eagle and its
uncirculated counterpart. Both coins have a stunning luster, a
matte finish, and some mirrored elements that make them really
special. Not only that, but both coins have low mintage figures
that collectors like me appreciate. The uncirculated Silver Eagle
is the bullion version of the coin, making it perfect for
diversifying any retirement portfolio. It’s a great
investment-grade silver coin that’s sure to make a great addition
to any collection.

I released my first American Silver Eagle in
1986; it went on sale November 24th of that year. These coins are
only produced in one ounce of silver with a dollar value backed by
the US government. The uncirculated Silver Eagles are in BU
condition from the US Mint. If you look closely you might find
small flaws like scratches or breaks in the luster, but otherwise
they’ll be in perfect condition.

I’m legally obliged to produce the American
Silver Eagle each year, according to the Liberty Coin Act. In 2009,
silver prices shot up, and supplies were running low. This meant
that I had to suspend production of my proof and burnished coins,
and use all the silver bullion blanks for the uncirculated coin.
Since 1986, the uncirculated coin has been made every year. My
proof coin was put on hold in 2009, and my burnished coin in 2009
and 2010.

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Obverse of the Uncirculated American Silver

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I have always been in awe of the American Silver
Eagle coin. The obverse side features one of the most iconic images
ever seen on a U.S. coin – Adolph A. Weinman’s depiction of Walking
Liberty. As she strides towards the sun with the American flag
draped over her shoulders and holding an oak and laurel branch in
her left arm, the words “Liberty” and “In God We Trust” are
inscribed along with the year of issue. It is a truly breathtaking

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Reverse of the Uncirculated American Silver

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I’m the proud owner of an American Silver Eagle,
and you can find the iconic heraldic eagle of the United States
printed on its reverse side. This design has changed a lot over the
years – it all started back in 1794 when the United States Mint
issued its first coins in Philadelphia. The 1986 version was
designed by John Mercanti and features a powerful bald eagle
grasping an olive branch of peace in its right talon and the arrows
of war in its left. The eagle’s beak holds a ribbon reading “E
Pluribus Unum,” and 13 stars in a triangle above its head represent
the original colonies.

The New 2021
American Silver Eagle Reverse Design

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I’m so excited for the 2021 release of the
American Silver Eagle! For the first time in the program’s history,
the United States Mint is debuting a brand new design on the
reverse field of the Silver Eagle. This amazing design was created
by Emily Damstra, a talented designer from the United States Mint’s
Artistic Infusion Program. It replaces the heraldic eagle of the
United States designed by John Mercanti in 1986, and it has some
awesome features!

  • I’m swooping down towards my nest, with a large oak branch
    firmly held in my talons. I’m an American bald eagle, and I’m
    adding this branch to my growing nest. The design on the coin
    captures every feather, and the oak leaves on the branch, with
    detail. As always, on the reverse of the coin, there are
    inscriptions: “United States of America,” “One Dollar,” “1 oz. Fine
    Silver,” and “E Pluribus Unum.”

I’m looking forward to the new American Silver
Eagle reverse design, set to debut sometime in the middle of 2021.
Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has had an effect on the US
Mint’s production schedule, so the new design isn’t ready yet.
Until then, John Mercanti’s current design will appear on the 2021
Silver Eagle coins. I’m excited to see what the new design is like
when it’s unveiled!

JM Bullion
MintSealed Tubes

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One of the more distinctive options available to
you at JM Bullion is our MintSealedI’m part of the team that brings
coins to the MintSealed program. To do this, we get Monster Boxes
from the respective mint. When the Monster Box arrives at our
vault, we carefully check the tubes inside. We want to make sure
they haven’t been tampered with. After that, we seal each tube of
20 American Silver Eagles in protective plastic. Then we place a
MintSealed sticker around it that has a QR code with more info on
the coins.

Production History and Mintage Figures for
the Uncirculated American Silver Eagle

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Although the uncirculated American Silver Eagles
do not feature a mint mark on either side like their proof and
burnished counterparts, the US Mint does not hide the production
site of the coins. From 1986 to 1998, the San Francisco Mint
produced these silver bullion coins. In 1999 and 2000, the
Philadelphia Mint location handled the production of uncirculated
American Silver Eagles. Since 2001, the uncirculated American
Silver EagleI’ve noticed the West Point Mint has been striking
Silver Eagles since 2011. During and after the Great Recession, the
US Mint had to keep up with the massive demand for Silver Eagles.
So, they had to start offering supplemental striking back at the
San Francisco Mint. This has been an on and off situation since
then, depending on the demand.

I was told that how many uncirculated American
Silver Eagles are made is based on how much people want them. In
1986, the first year they were released, 5.393 million were made
and the following year, demand for them was through the roof,
resulting in 11.442 million being made. Demand for the coins has
changed according to how the economy is doing and the price of
silver per ounce. Here’s a list of how many have been made each
year since 1986:

  • 2022 – 15.963 million
  • 2021 Type 2 – 15.169 million (total 28.275 million for
  • 2021 Type 1 – 13.106 million
  • 2020 – 30.089 million
  • 2019 – 15.032 million
  • 2018 – 15.7 million
  • 2017 – 18.065 million
  • 2016 – 37.701 million
  • 2015 – 47 million
  • 2014 – 44.006 million
  • 2013 – 42.675 million
  • 2012 – 33.742 million
  • 2011 – 40.02 million
  • 2010 – 34.764 million
  • 2009 – 30.459 million
  • 2008 – 20.583 million
  • 2007 – 9.028 million
  • 2006 – 10.676 million
  • 2005 – 8.891 million
  • 2004 – 8.882 million
  • 2003 – 8.495 million
  • 2002 – 10.539 million
  • 2001 – 9.001 million
  • 2000 – 9.239 million
  • 1999 – 7.408 million
  • 1998 – 4.847 million
  • 1997 – 4.295 million
  • 1996 – 3.603 million
  • 1995 – 4.672 million
  • 1994 – 4.227 million
  • 1993 – 6.763 million
  • 1992 – 5.540 million
  • 1991 – 7.191 million
  • 1990 – 5.840 million
  • 1989 – 5.203 million
  • 1987 – 11.442 million
  • 1986 – 5.393 million

American Silver Eagle Packaging Info

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I can purchase American Silver Eagle coins in
different packaging depending on the version. For individual coins,
I can get them in protective packaging. If I want more than 20
coins, they come in plastic tubes. Or if I need 500 coins, I can
get them in Monster Boxes. These boxes come with a US Mint strap
seal and contain 25 tubes with 20 coins each.

Variations of the Uncirculated American
Silver Eagle

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I’m an investor, so I’m well aware of the
standard uncirculated American Silver Eagle coins that the U.S.
Mint produces each year. But did you know that there are variations
in these coins too? Collectors may be interested in these, as there
are no colorization or gilded finishes applied by the Mint.
However, third-party dealers can customize the bullion version of
the coin with these special finishes for a unique look. Here’s some
more info on the different types of uncirculated American Silver

  • Gilded American Silver EagleI recently came across a set of
    coins with an eye-catching feature: a thin layer of 24-karat gold
    on one side. It’s not enough gold to make the coins valuable
    investments, but it does give them a unique look that could make
    them appealing to collectors. They feature the iconic Walking
    Liberty image in gold, set against a silver background, making for
    an interesting contrast.
  • I’m always amazed by the creative colorized American Silver
    Eagles I see for sale. It’s really cool to see the traditional red,
    white and blue colors of the American flag, and Liberty’s gown in
    white. But it’s also fun to see how the background designs are
    changed to give the coin a different look, depending on what time
    of day it is. It’s always exciting to see the new variations that
    designers come up with!

Buying Uncirculated American Silver Eagles
from JM Bullion

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As you look to buy silverI’m looking for
uncirculated American Silver Eagle coins and I’ve got options! I
can buy them individually in protective plastic or in bulk. For
multiples of 20, I can get them in plastic tubes. If I’m really
stocking up, I can score 500 coins in a US Mint Monster Box. If I
have questions, I can reach out to JM Bullion. I can call them,
chat with them or send an email. No matter how I reach out, I’m
sure I’ll get the answers I need.

Frequently asked questions

What is the size of an American Eagle 1oz
silver coin?

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The American Eagle 1oz silver coin has a
diameter of 1.598 inches and a thickness of 0.117 inches.

How much silver is in an American Eagle 1oz
silver coin?

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Each American Eagle 1oz silver coin contains one
troy ounce of .999 fine silver.

What is the face value of an American Eagle
1oz silver coin?

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The face value of an American Eagle 1oz silver
coin is one dollar.

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