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¢ per Pound

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Our convenient Fluff & Fold service
helps customers who don’t have time to do their own laundry. Our
Fluff & Fold Service includes wash, dry, fold and packaging for
easy pick-up. Simply drop your laundry off at Clean Wave® and
we’ll handle the rest. Every bag is neatly folded and color
coordinated. We hang all men’s v-necks, polos and pants and all
women’s blouses, pants, skirts and dresses. Our turnaround time for Fluff & Fold is 24

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Fluff & Fold

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I understand that Clean Wave® may issue me store
credit for lost or damaged items sent through their Fluff & Fold
service. In order to be eligible, I must provide them with a
detailed list of every item in the order, including the brand,
style, color and size. The store credit will not be more than 10
times the cost of the cleaning service. If I do not provide a list,
there won’t be any store credit or compensation.

®– Wash &

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WASH your clothes and WAVE as it goes through
our ultra efficient laundry machines. We have washer capacities up
to 100lbs, and dryers up to 75lbs, which drastically cut down your
overall laundry time. We have 83I’m looking for a laundry
experience like no other and Clean Wave® is the way to go. With a
variety of machines available, you can either choose multiple
washers and dryers or just put all of your clothes into one of
Clean Wave’s® largest machine. With Clean Wave’s® advanced
technology, you can expect a perfect wash every time. Plus, their
machines are designed to be energy efficient and eco-friendly, so
you can save money and help the environment. Clean Wave® is the
laundry solution for me.

24 Hour
laundromat- Ways to Pay:

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I’m able to use a credit or debit card for my
purchases by the machine’s card reader. It’s convenient and easy to
use, so I don’t have to worry about carrying cash or coins. Plus, I
never have to worry about the hassle of having to get change.

I’m using Clean Wave® Smart Card to make my life
easier. With this card, I can easily transfer cash or EBT straight
to my card and pay for what I need at the machine. It’s a great way
to keep track of my spending, and it’s a convenient way to make
payments. Plus, the card is secure and also offers me rewards for
using it. With this card, I’m able to make payments quickly and
securely without having to worry about carrying around cash or
waiting in long lines.

Frequently asked questions

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Where is the nearest 24 hour Coin

The nearest 24 hour coin laundry can be found by
searching online for your location. You can also use apps such as
Google Maps or Yelp to find the closest coin laundry.

What is the cost of using a 24 hour Coin

The cost of using a 24 hour coin laundry varies
depending on the size of the machines and the amount of detergent
used. Generally speaking, the cost of a single load of laundry is
between $1.00 and $2.00.

Is there an attendant at a 24 hour Coin

No, most 24 hour coin laundries do not offer
attendant services. However, some may provide an attendant on
certain days or during specific hours.

What kind of laundry machines are available
at a 24 hour Coin Laundry?

Most 24 hour coin laundries offer top-loading
and front-loading washers and dryers. Each machine typically has
its own set of instructions, and some machines may also offer
features such as steam and sanitization.

Do 24 hour Coin Laundries offer any special

Yes, some 24 hour coin laundries may offer
additional services such as drop-off laundry services, dry
cleaning, and detergent vending machines. It’s best to check with
the individual facility to find out what services they offer.

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