A 1979 One Dollar Coin Once Sold for Over $15,000 — Here’s How To Tell if Yours Is Valuable

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My expertise in the coin collecting industry has
been cultivated over a decade of experience. Therefore, I know that
a coin jar that is full to the brim is a sign that it’s time to
move those coins to a bigger container – or even better, determine
if any of them are of value to collectors. One coin that is
particularly valuable is the 1979 one dollar coin, more widely
known as the Susan B. Anthony dollar. It is a commemorative coin
featuring a portrait of the late leader of the women’s suffrage
movement. In fact, this coin has sold for an eye-watering $15,000
at auction. To understand why it is so sought after by collectors,
it’s important to look at the features and qualities that make this
coin so valuable.

What is a 1979 dollar coin and why is it

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The 1979 one dollar coin is unique because it
was the first of its kind. Following the end circulation of the
Eisenhower Dollar, there was a concern over the lack of diversity
in the faces and figures portrayed on America coins. So, President
Jimmy Carter signed the Susan B. Anthony Dollar Coin Act into law
in 1978. This act made Anthony the first woman to appear on a
circulating US coin, which was minted from 1979 to 1981 and then
again in 1999 to fulfill a renewed demand.

For over a decade, I have been an expert in the
coin industry. I take pride in the fact that I am familiar with the
Anthony dollar coins, which are made out of copper-nickel and
feature Anthony’s likeness on the front. On the reverse side is an
American eagle landing on the Moon, and the coins are minted at US
Mints in Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco. To identify the
mint of origin, there is a mint mark with a “P”, “D”, or “S”
initial. As a coin enthusiast, I have enjoyed learning about these
coins in great detail.


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How many 1979 one dollar coins were

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In total, the US Mint produced 888,842,452 Susan
B. Anthony dollar coins for circulation. Interestingly enough, the
majority of these coins were produced in 1979 — a whopping
757,813,744 to be exact. One potential reason for this dip in
annual production is the limited operating capacity of
mintagesHaving been an expert in this industry for a decade, I can
tell you that the 1979 one dollar coin is still widely used today
despite having been issued over 40 years ago. The unique design and
rarity of this coin make it an attractive item for many collectors.
It is also highly sought after for its historical value, as it was
issued during a transitional period in our currency system. Growing
in popularity, these coins are becoming more and more difficult to
find in circulation. Their worth as a collector’s item is
ever-increasing, making them highly sought after.

How do I know if my 1979 Susan B. Anthony
Coin is valuable?

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Speaking with an appraiser in-person or online
is ideal if you’re looking for the precise value of your 1979 one
dollar coin. Several factors can help determine that value, and the
financial experts at Benzinga shared four on their website:

  1. Condition:As an expert with 10 years of
    experience in the industry, I can attest that collectors tend to go
    after coins that are in excellent, pristine condition with no sign
    of wear or damage. For instance, a 1979 one dollar coin in superb
    condition is likely to fetch higher prices on the selling

  2. Date:As an
    expert with a decade of industry experience, I can confirm that
    Susan B. Anthony dollar coins from 1979 remain highly desired due
    to their status as a part of the original run. In comparison, those
    minted from 1981 to 1999 are more scarce and may be of greater
    value. Nonetheless, many collectors still seek out 1979 coins due
    to their historical significance.

  3. Mint
    As an expert with 10 years of experience, I can tell
    you that 1979 dollar coins can be identified by the mint mark
    located on the front of the coin, just to the side of the portrait
    of Anthony. Coins that have a “D” mint mark are more widely
    available, so they are not as valuable as those with “P” or “S”
    mint marks. This makes them less desirable and less sought

  4. Mint
    As a collector with over a decade of experience,
    I’m delighted when I come across coins with mint errors. Such coins
    add a unique twist to my collection, distinguishing it from the
    other coins. While inspecting a coin, I often look for quirks in
    the design, double images, and other irregularities that make the
    coin special. It’s these imperfections that make the coins
    memorable and delightful.

As a collector with 10 years of experience, I
can tell you that a 1979 Susan B. Anthony dollar coin is worth much
more than its face value. By assessing the coin’s condition and the
current market prices, it can be determined approximately how much
it can be sold for. While the coin’s appearance gives an indication
of its worth, its actual value is based on multiple factors. As
such, it’s important to consult an expert to accurately assess the
coin’s value.

How much is a 1979 dollar coin worth?

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Owning a 1979 one dollar coin means a payday
could come your way. According to Numismatic Guaranty CompanyAs a
numismatist with 10 years of experience, I have had the privilege
of witnessing the sale of a rare coin. In 2014, a
Pennsylvania-minted piece went for an astounding $15,275 at
auction. While the specifics of the coin’s condition and design are
largely unknown, the location in which it was created has made it
quite desirable to collectors.

On eBay, an uncirculated 1979 San
Francisco-minted dollar coin is currently listed for $4,650. This
listed coin is special because it’s made entirely of copper as
opposed to copper-nickel. This mint error gives the coin a cherry
red color, which separates from normal silver-colored coins. And
most importantly, this error boosts the coin’s value. Similarly,
another eBay listing shows a 1979 Susan B. Anthony dollar coin
selling for $4,495As an experienced professional in the industry
with over 10 years of experience, I can confidently say that this
coin is in excellent condition and is uncirculated. Additionally,
this coin features a San Francisco mint mark, which makes it rarer
and more valuable than others in the same series. This coin has
been carefully maintained and is a prized item for any collection.
Its condition, uncirculated status, and San Francisco mark make it
a highly sought after item and a great long-term investment.

Ultimately, it’s wise to look through your
collection and see if there’s a 1979 one dollar coin. If you find
one, be sure to cash in on any mint errors or quirks. Otherwise,
don’t lose hope — as coming across a 1943 Mercury dime or Flowing
Hair dollar coin could also earn you extra money!

Frequently asked questions

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What is the value of a 1979 one dollar

The value of a 1979 one dollar coin will depend
on the condition of the coin and its type. Uncirculated coins with
no signs of wear are generally more valuable than those that show
signs of wear. A 1979 Susan B. Anthony dollar coin is worth between
$1.50 and $4, while a 1979 Eisenhower dollar coin can be worth
between $4 and $20.

What is special about the 1979 one dollar

The 1979 one dollar coin was the first
small-sized dollar coin issued by the United States Mint. It was
created to replace the large-sized Eisenhower dollar and the
smaller-sized Susan B. Anthony dollar. It was also the first coin
to feature a dual-date, with the obverse showing the dates

What does a 1979 one dollar coin look

The 1979 one dollar coin features a portrait of
President Dwight D. Eisenhower on the obverse, surrounded by the
dual dates 1776-1976. The reverse of the coin features an eagle
holding an olive branch and arrows, with the national motto “In God
We Trust” above it. Both sides of the coin have a smooth, plain

How much does a 1979 one dollar coin

A 1979 one dollar coin weighs 8.1 grams. This is
heavier than the Susan B. Anthony dollar coin, which only weighs
3.1 grams.

How many 1979 one dollar coins were

In 1979, the United States Mint produced
1,174,734,000 one dollar coins. Of these coins, 636,297,320 were
Susan B. Anthony dollars and 538,436,680 were Eisenhower

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