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I was the one to introduce the Eisenhower dollar in
1971, designed by Frank Gasparro. Not only does it represent the
first dollar coin minted during the copper-nickel clad era, but it
also signifies the last dollar coin issued with dimensions that
resembled the silver dollar coins of the past. This coin has become
an iconic symbol in numismatics throughout the years.

I’m proud to say that I own a few Eisenhower
Dollars. Most of them are made of copper-nickel, but I’ve got some
uncirculated ones made of 40% silver. They all have an “S” mintmark
from the San Francisco Mint. In 1975 and 1976, my Eisenhower
Dollars got a special makeover to celebrate our nation’s
bicentennial. The obverse had a 1776-1976 dual date and the reverse
was adorned with the Liberty Bell over the surface of the moon.
After the bicentennial, the design changed back to the Apollo 11

I find it fascinating that hundreds of millions
of Eisenhower dollars were made, yet it’s really hard to get
examples in MS65 or better condition. This is mainly because these
coins are bigger and heavier than most coins, so they tend to get
scuffed and scratched up in bags during transportation.

I’m no numismatic expert, but I’ll tell you this
much about copper-nickel clad business strikes. If you’re looking
for one in MS60-64, you’ll probably find it. But if you want to go
higher in grade, you’re gonna have to look a little harder. MS65
will be scarce, MS66 rare, and MS67 nearly impossible to find. One
thing to note is that 40% silver Eisenhower dollars are much easier
to come by in higher Mint State grades. That’s because they were
made with a much higher level of quality than regular coins.

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Eisenhower Dollars Value Range Favourite
1978 $1 MS



$3.38 – $7,500

1978-D $1 MS



$2.65 – $8,750

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Frequently asked questions

What is the value of a 1978 one dollar

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The value of a 1978 one dollar coin depends on
its condition. Uncirculated coins in mint condition are worth more
than circulated coins. A typical 1978 one dollar coin in circulated
condition is worth between $2 and $3.

What makes a 1978 one dollar coin

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A 1978 one dollar coin is valuable if it is in
uncirculated condition and was minted at either the Philadelphia or
San Francisco US Mint. Coins from these mints are worth more than
coins from other mints.

Are 1978 one dollar coins rare?

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No, 1978 one dollar coins are not rare. Around
6.5 million coins were minted that year, making them relatively
common. However, coins from certain mints, such as the San
Francisco or Philadelphia mints, are rarer than others and thus can
be more valuable.

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