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Greysheet Catalog
I remember when Eisenhower dollars first came out
in 1971. It was designed by Frank Gasparro and it was the first
dollar coin minted in the copper-nickel clad era. It was the last
regular dollar coin with the same physical dimensions of the
traditional silver dollars. I think it’s a great symbol of
numismatically significant elements that we have today.

I’m proud to own some Eisenhower dollars! Most
of them are copper-nickel clad, but I also have some uncirculated
pieces that are 40% silver and have an “S” mintmark. In 1975 and
1976, to celebrate the U.S. bicentennial, the coins had a dual date
on the front and a special reverse design featuring the Liberty
Bell over the moon. After 1976, the design changed to the Apollo 11

I’m a collector of Eisenhower dollars, so I’m
familiar with the fact that copper-nickel clad business-strike
specimens grading MS65 or higher are hard to come by. It’s because
these coins are pretty big and heavy, so they’re more likely to get
scratched and damaged while being shipped in bags.

I find that the copper-nickel clad business
strikes in MS60-64 are pretty standard. If you’re looking for MS65,
it’s quite scarce; MS66 is rare, and you’d be lucky to get an MS67.
Keep in mind, though, that 40% silver Eisenhower dollars are much
more likely to be found in the higher Mint State grades due to the
increased care that was taken when they were made.

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Catalog Detail


Eisenhower Dollars Value Range Favourite
1971 $1 MS



$2.65 – $12,000

1971-D $1 MS



$4.05 – $1,370

1971-S Silver $1 MS



$12.15 – $6,610

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Frequently asked questions

What is the value of a 1971 one dollar

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The 1971 one dollar coin has a face value of one
dollar. Depending on the condition of the coin, it can be worth
anywhere from $1.50 to over $200.

What is the composition of a 1971 one dollar

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The 1971 one dollar coin is composed of a
cupronickel, which is an alloy made of copper and nickel.

What does the design of a 1971 one dollar
coin look like?

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The obverse of the 1971 one dollar coin features
the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. The reverse of the coin
features a dove carrying an olive branch.

Where can I find a 1971 one dollar

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1971 one dollar coins can be found at many coin
dealers or online. They can also be found in circulation from time
to time.

What is the mintage of the 1971 one dollar

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The mintage of the 1971 one dollar coin is


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