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I have always been fascinated by the Two Cent
coin. As a collector, I was particularly captivated by the 1873
edition of this coin. The United States Mint produced the Two Cent
coin from 1864 to 1873, and it was primarily intended for
circulation. However, the 1873 edition was created specifically for
collectors. This coin has always held a special place in my heart
and my collection.

I own a Two Cent Piece from 1864! It’s the first
year of its mintage, and the U.S. Mint produced over 20 million of
them. The two varieties you can find are the Large Motto and the
Small Motto. I’m happy to have a piece of history that dates all
the way back to the mid-1800s.

I’m a collector of rare coins, and I’m
particularly drawn to the two-cent coins from the 1800s. There are
two varieties, large and small motto. The small motto is less
common and can be quite valuable. Depending on its condition, one
can fetch up to $200 or more. An 1864 small motto Two-Cent coin in
extremely fine condition can bring in nearly $600 or more – that’s
something special!

Two Cent Coin Value – What Dealers Pay

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I own a Two Cent coin and I’m curious about its
value. I know that they were produced for a short period of time,
so they’re not too hard to find. However, there are some rare
varieties that can be worth more. It’s strange that there isn’t a
higher demand for them, because the prices can range from $11 to
over $200 depending on the year and condition. If you have one
that’s in really good condition, I recommend getting it graded by a
professional coin grading company. That way, you can make sure
you’re getting the most out of your Two Cent coin!

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Two Cent Coin Value is Conditional

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I took a close look at the coin’s details to get
an idea of its condition. The “IN GOD WE TRUST” motto gave me a
great indication of its worth. Noticing any letters that were
eroded or not easily seen was a sign that the coin was in good
condition, and could be worth more than the standard $11. Sure
enough, this coin was worth $500! It just goes to show that the
condition of a coin can make a huge difference.

I’m holding a coin in my hand and the letters
are all visible, but it’s a little worn. That puts it in the fine
condition category. But if it’s got all the letters and the surface
is nice and crisp, it’s probably extremely fine. I’m checking the
ribbon too, just to make sure there’s no wear and tear.

I’ve heard that coins graded by a reputable
company like PCGS or NGC are worth more. That’s because they’ve
been inspected and verified for authenticity and condition. It’s a
way of ensuring that you’re getting a quality product.

The 1864 Two Cent Small Motto Value

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I’ve been wanting a 1864 Two Cent coin with
small motto for a while now. This is the rarer of the two varieties
that collectors desire. It’s hard to come by and highly sought
after. I’m sure if I can get my hands on one, it’ll be a great
addition to my collection.

Choosing the right size for my motto can be a
bit daunting. The small size options offer letters that are very
faint with a lot of space between them. I’m looking for something a
bit more pronounced so I’m going to have to go for a bigger

I noticed the large motto had lettering that was
quite bold with hardly any space between the letters. It was
striking and made quite an impression. I could tell that this motto
was meant to be seen and that it was intended to be a powerful
statement. It was a statement that was meant to be loud and

I want to make sure I get the most out of my
coins, so I take a close look at the small details. It could mean
the difference between a two cent coin being worth $11 or $12 and
one that’s worth way more – like several hundred dollars! Before I
put a coin up for sale or look up its value, I always check the
size of the motto on it. That way I know I’m getting the most bang
for my buck!

Two Cent Coin Values Are Rising

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I’m not the biggest fan of the Two Cent coin,
but as a collector I’ll definitely pay the price for a specimen
that I’m after. The value of these coins is pretty much steady, so
with age they might even become more valuable.

I’m aware that JM Bullion Inc. don’t necessarily
agree with all the market updates that I’m seeing, as they are
provided by a third party. This doesn’t mean that I should take
them as financial advice either. It’s important to keep in mind
that these updates are just one perspective and shouldn’t be taken
as gospel.

Frequently asked questions

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What is the value of an 1864 2 cent

The value of a 1864 2 cent coin varies widely
depending on the condition of the coin. Generally, a 1864 2 cent
coin in good condition can be worth anywhere from $15 to $50.

Where can I find information about the 1864
2 cent coin?

You can find information about the 1864 2 cent
coin from a variety of sources such as coin collecting websites,
coin grading services, coin catalogs, and coin dealers.

What is the difference between a 1864 2 cent
coin and other 2 cent coins?

The 1864 2 cent coin was the first coin of its
denomination and was produced until 1873. It is significantly
different than other 2 cent coins produced after 1873, such as the
Indian Head 2 cent coin.

What is the significance of the 1864 2 cent

The 1864 2 cent coin was the first coin of its
denomination and is an important part of the history of US coinage.
It is also a popular coin with collectors.

What is the best way to determine the value
of a 1864 2 cent coin?

The best way to determine the value of a 1864 2
cent coin is to have it professionally graded and assessed by a
coin dealer or grading service. This will give you an accurate
estimation of the coin’s value.

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