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Grade Summary

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I’m taking a look at the NGC
Price Guide, NGC Census, Auction Prices Realized, and NGC Registry
Scores for each grade. I’m able to get a good overview of all the
data for each grade, which is really helpful. The NGC Price Guide
includes estimated market values, the NGC Census gives me a full
count of coins in each grade, the Auction Prices Realized shows me
what coins have sold for in the past, and the NGC Registry Scores
measure the quality of each coin. All this information together
helps me make better decisions when it comes to buying or selling

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There was no data found for this Coin.

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Description & Analysis

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Additional Reading

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Price Guide

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I clicked on a price to explore its history,
comparing it to other data points and analyzing any patterns that
emerged. I saw how the price had changed over time, noting any
peaks and troughs. I looked for any correlations or trends, and
changed the time period to get a better understanding of the data.
I learned a lot from this exercise and it helped me make more
informed decisions.

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Last updated

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::$ctrl.getGradeValue(grade, “Grade_”, priceGuide, true)

NGC Price and Value Guides
Disclaimer >

NGC US Coin Price Guide >

There was no data found for this Coin.

I understand the importance of being aware of the
current prices of coins. That’s why I consult the NGC Price and
Value Guides. They compile data from a few independent third-party
sources which are considered reliable. However, the prices listed
are just averages – not set prices for individual coins. They don’t
reflect short-term pricing trends, which can be unpredictable due
to the volatile nature of the coin market. This is especially true
for rare coins, where there are fewer sales and more variations in
prices. Therefore, these guides are meant to be used as one of many
factors when determining coin values, not as the only factor. I
acknowledge that NGC and its affiliates are not liable for any
losses or damages from using the NGC Guides. It’s important to do
your due diligence and consult an expert before entering into any
coin transaction.


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NGC Grade Summary

  • Total Graded:
  • Low Grade:
  • Average Grade:
  • High Grade:

NGC Census

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“Grade_”, census))

NGC US Coin Census >

There is no Census data for this coin.

NGC Registry

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NGC Registry

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::$ctrl.getGradeValue(grade, “Grade_”, score)  
Competitive Registry Sets

::sets.Name ::sets.SetCount

There are no Registry sets for this coin. If you
would like to request a Registry set please
email registry@ngccoin.com.

Frequently asked questions

What is the value of a 1 dollar gold

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The value of a 1 dollar gold coin depends on its
condition, type of gold, and its rarity. Generally, a 1 dollar gold
coin could be worth anywhere from $50 to several thousands of

How can I determine the value of a 1 dollar
gold coin?

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The value of a 1 dollar gold coin can be
determined by researching its condition, type of gold, and its
rarity. You can also consult with a professional numismatist to get
an accurate value.

Where can I sell my 1 dollar gold coin?

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You can sell your 1 dollar gold coin at a coin
shop, a pawn shop, or an online auction site such as eBay. You can
also consult with a professional numismatist who can help you get
the best price possible for your coin.

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say 1 dollar gold coin value, please leave your comment on this